Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award

This is probably the first award nomination for my blog. And this warm gesture goes to my school friend of very many years but blogging rediscovered our mutual interest areas. Meet, Anamika Agnihotri aka The Bespectacled Mother who blogs at I Know Nothing About It

Moving further, here are the rules which go with this award: 
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
  2. Put the Award logo on your blog
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Nominate 5-10 blogs that you adore. (I am further placing a link on the nominees’ blogs to let them know about their nomination)
I have got following ten questions from 'the bespectacled mother' :p

1. Which was your favourite book as a child? 
It was a folk tales book with title "रूसी लोक कथाएं ". I can vouch reading it atleast if not more, 100 times. I still remember the name of first story "गुलगुला". My father had bought it for me from Agra.

2. What is that childhood memory you are most fond of?
My playtime with my younger brother and sister. We used to play 'घर घर' in our garden between two hibiscus trees, where the house boundaries/wall will be made of pillows, roof will be made of Mummy's Saree and my sister (who was 5 at that time) will grate Parle-G biscuit and put water in it. And that used to be our food. My brother used to make some recipe with grinding of green leaves as his contribution. All my happiness of my childhood, i attribute to the time i have spent with my bhai-behan and then cousins (a batch of 10 only) !

3. What does blogging mean to you?
Blogging for me is to be myself without having to look for anyone's approval for maximum likes or comments. I write what i like, i like what i write - and its all as a memoir of pleasant memories. So, that if ever my memory or I am lost (god forbids) , I can still re-live the life i was blessed with. 

4. Who is that one person in your life holding positive influence over you? 
Before wedding, it was my father and after wedding, its my husband. Its that easy for me. Though both of them keep participating and competing with each other more frequently than i wish for. But, I know deep down their values are same and they both are alike in lot of ways. 

5. How do you quieten your mind to get some sleep?
Very simple. Get up, brew a cup of adrak wali chai and blog. Reading also helps me disconnect with what's bothering me. My another funda to have a sound night sleep is to never take a nap in daytime even on holidays (rarely). 

6. What are your dreams about?
I dream about traveling the world and building a house of our own. Hopefully it will happen sometime when we have enough money and desire to do so ! 

7. What is your happy place?
घर घर होता है !Happiness for me is to return your home sweet home after toiling at work. I wrote prolifically about it in one of my post "Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai- Part 2". Sharing some excerpts: 

"Each day as i walk upto the closed door of our apartment adorned with a name plate Mr and Mrs Sinha and glance at my five earthen pots with money plants on shoe rack...i get this sense of contentment inside. Daily. No matter, what kind of silly, wise or totally worthless battle i have fought outside or internally in my mind. A gentle blow of wind seeping through passive glass window, tells me they were waiting for me. I reciprocate with a smile.

The keys already start jumping in my bag waiting to open up the small little piece of my heaven, my place, our place. It was on August 12th last year that we bought built our home, grihpravesh. The fragrance of sandalwood incense sticks just swirls around poking my hair as Lord Ganesha idol eavesdrop right next to our front door safeguarding Sammy - our TV. " 

8. Life is a long journey but still if you have to, how will you summarize the life you have lived till now?
I would say i have been blessed. I have no qualms about the people i have met, choices i have made or decisions i have taken in the past. 

I guess this contentment also breeds from the fact that being in social sector i am very much exposed to the miseries of life. My work has made me grounded, since i have met real people in villages in very very rural and remote areas. And no matter how much i earn, somewhere i know "what life is in reality", just a few miles away from a posh apartment. Moreover, i have seen how 80% of women live in suppression with high susceptibility to exploitation (physical / mental). And, therefore, i thank god for the way i am brought up and the informed choices and freedom that i am living with. 

The real eye opener to me was my internship with an HIV/AIDS Care and Support Home, which was also a Drug De-addiction Centre around 11 years ago during MBA. The cases that i saw and interviewed in those 2 months, give me goosebumps even now. I am not going to forget those faces  or stories ever !

9. What are your plans for yourself as an individual in 2015?
I have trained my tongue to a large extend to not waggle out of reflex causing additional damage to an already needy situation. That was in 2014. Now, similarly, I have to work on my facial expressions. It's a long long goal, will take time. 

Also, for 2015 i have no aspirations. Meaning i would just love to manage and maintain what i already have and be at peace. Amen ! And of course keeping fake people at bay. That was my 2014 resolution by the way. I rated myself 10 on 10 for that :-)

10. The last question – What will you consider yourself – Romantic or Practical?
If you know me enough, you will know that one for sure! Anamika, you know that very well. 

Guess, interview over. Hehehe !

Now my turn to write down 10 questions for my nominations –
  1. If someday God ask you to measure happiness, how would you do that ?
  2. What is that one life changing moment that you will never forget?
  3. What's your take on the the statement " As we get wealthier we trade off emotions" ?
  4. We all face failures sometime in life. How did you face it ? Share an incidence. 
  5. How you keep yourself motivated when you things are not going as you wished them to be?
  6. What you cherish more - reading or writing ? 
  7. Do you agree when i say 'sense of humour' is the most important ingredient in a happy marriage ? If not, then share your recipe?
  8. Who are you - simple 'chai /tea ' person or the glamorous 'coffee' one !
  9. Define three qualities that make you - You, unique.
  10. Share something about yourself that you want us to know. It can be anything.

My Nominations are: 


  1. Heartiest congrats for the Award. Nice to read your answers to the interview :D
    Thank you so much for nominating me. Really honored as this is the first time I have been nominated for this Award :)
    I'll surely accept your Award. Need some extra time. Thanks again for your kind consideration :)

    1. I think i have put up some really long answer type questions. No worries, i look forward for your response Anita :)

  2. Great Answers Shweta. Our lives are really blessed if we look around and see people living life in misery. Its through your blog I get a perspective on the social sector.
    I want to answer one question of yours ( though I am not in the nominations here). I play simple at home ultra happy with my adrak wali chai but am damn glamourous when outside ordering the Lattes, capachinnos, americanos and expressos. Yet at the same time glamour stands nowhere in my middle name. :-D

    1. Hey i thought i can't nominate you back. I would love to know your answers to those 10 questions. Take this request as nomination. Oh those lattes decaf without sugar are so glamorous :)

  3. Super congratulations namesake, happy to read the answers...so honest and straight from the heart :) and thank you once again for nominating me, this is the first of this award for me :)

    1. Namesake hehe yes we are. Straight from heart, wasn't it supposed to be ;p Look forward for your answers.

  4. Congratulations on the award, and thank you so very much for the nomination! I really enjoyed reading the answers to your questions and getting to know you a little better. I love your description of the feelings you have when you come home - simply wonderful. :)

    1. Thanks Laurel for accepting the nomination. If we relate on the home part, i have something common which will be evident in our writings. I hope so.

  5. You are so like me. I would love to read those books you read in childhood. Congratulations on the award, must be very special coming from a friend.

    Thanks a ton for nominating me. :)

    1. Hey did you also read some folk tales. They used to be so fascinating, isin't ? Thanks for accepting my nomination. Hoping to read the answers soon !