This is My Moment

Found this interesting wall mural at India Palace, Las Vegas

I was not put on this earth to be invisible.

I was not born to be denied.

I was not given life only to belong to someone else.

I belong to me. 

I have a voice, 

And I will use it. 

I have dreams unforgettable.

I have a name,

And it is not anonymous,

Or insignificant or unworthy,

Or waiting any more to be called. 

Someday, they will say, this was the moment,

When the world woke up to my potential. 

This is the moment I was allowed to be astonishing.

This is the moment when my rising no longer scares you.

This is the moment when being a girl became my strength, my sanctuary,

Not my pain. 

This is the moment, 

When the world sees that I am held back by every problem, 

And I am key to all solution. 

This is the moment when a girl,

And a girl,

And a girl,


250 million other girls say with a voice loud,

that this is our moment...

This is my moment.

This, yes this, is the moment!

*Read these amazing lines while waiting at the airport. So empowering, isn't?