Life is calling, where are you? 

I am here, in the land of opportunities. Almost at the verge of being sold to the prospective dreams to what we 'desi' sees at the ultimate destination. 


Really ?

Is it? 

But where i was when every tom, dick and harry was boarding a flight to East Coast, living in the 'oh bahut thand hai' situation, shared apartment while bank balance went soaring high. I was enjoying life to the hilt, swelling with pride with the social change i was trying to bring in the life of a blind or that of a women who never went to school because of her disabilities. 

Nevertheless, now i am here. 

A consumerist place spoilt for choices. Every thing comes in super pack, jumbo, mega, tetra packs. For an Indian who is brought up drilling the sense of savings even before they are born, you are like excuse me, what's going on ! Do i really belong here. 

Oh yes darling, you do. The truth is you are dying and willing to do anything to get an extension of you H1B and then apply for LPR. Form I