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Babloo Pandit Ji !

Needless to say, Sanvi's dada dadi has a lot of faith in God. Though I am a Brahmin, I rarely take front seat to showcase my spiritual side; which is best exposed during happy hours when I critically acclaim all my failures to God and success to destiny. And now status is such, I am more acquainted with the temples in and around Gardani Bagh area, than Janam Bhoomi or Vrindavan. It's like every time we visit our dera, its a ritual to seek blessings of Mahaveer Stahan, Kalibadi, Sai Baba temple and our family' very dear one badka Pandit Ji.

Most of my childhood is spent listening to this :
"Pandit Ji yeh bataeye, sonu ki shaadi kab hogi " ?
Lo ho gai Monu se. Happy ;-)
While the gods are as constant as we had prayed to them last and so their temples, Surendra Pandit Ji - Badka Pandit Ji as he is called fondly and his son Babloo Ji - Chutka Pandit Ji has taken a great leap in terms of fame and wealth. I attribute this to none other than their prized clientele across states.

His calendars and diaries are as full as the CEO of an emerging enterprise who has found angel investors from Wall Street. For an appointment, he actually looks at his business planner and tells. People usually air lift him for weddings and house inauguration poojas. We were not so rich when we moved in to our apartment here in Bangalore and we managed with a Pandit Ji from open schooling system instead of the brand !

Om Namah Shivay !

Anyways, whenever we small town bright people do good in our lives its direct impact is seen on the fortune of our small town Pandit Ji as it takes a U-Turn from Khadi ki Jacket to Fab India's Egyptian Cotton Linen or Nalli's Tussar Silk Nehru Jacket !

Recently, due to Badka Pandit Ji's astute forecast, one of the Jajmaan has gifted him an ALTO car for winning the election in the TsuNamo wave. Now, the once deprived dhoti kurta clad pandit ji has got a chaueffer driven car waiting for him as he toys away with future of some politicians, aristocrats, dhanadya sethaaala afsar and aam adami like us on his smart phone.