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What's Your Parenting Style ?

Published in ParentEdge Magazine, click here to read.

Last weekend I happen to attend a session on "Effective Parenting" by Dr Brunda Amrutraj - Clinical Psychologist, organized by Infosys for their employees and spouse. By all means, a productive employee needs to have a peaceful balanced personal life too, specially a full time working mother.

Initially, I was reluctant to attend this session as my needs are 'not special' after all and as a women I ought to know how to raise a child, atleast this is what society expects at the outset. But as we entered the auditorium seeing its full capacity I felt a little better as a women and far better as a  parent. Or was it an instant empathy drawn after seeing fellow victims of parenthood marred by nuclear family structure with aspiration to balance kids on the scale of career. 

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The ice-breaking question was inviting enough to break the silence of audience. "Why is it that parenting is really a big deal, now a days ? There are blogs, classes, counselling sessions, depression, stress all associated with parenting? Isin't the most ancient nurturing bond that comes to us instinctively"?  All of us said all sort of things, which were complementing to an extent but "overload" of information was zeored on as the main culprit adding stress in parenting. The overload of information and the constant quest of it to fix the problem, without actually going in depth of it.

Parenting is an art and skill.


Bean Bag Parenting & Ranting - Part 1

I am done with these oldies. You guys indulge.
We usually spend quality time on weekends, late nights when our bundle is tucked warmly in the quilt. He with his drink, i with mine discuss the weekly happenings and how we survived or manipulated or laughed or made fool of our selves. Off late, these discussions have become the only me time we get to spend with each other and share our sob stories about how much we crave for our previous lifestyle. 

The talks start with us claded in our respective tees & checkered boxer shorts (should be declared as national hassle free best dress) thrown deliberately on bean bag, HP and Toshiba romancing with each other lying carelessly over deewan and newspaper /magazines all over the living room...

"You remember we went to Church gate that night. ..... Pause....Hunhh?"


Are Winners a Different Breed ?

The question asked by India Today #Conclave 14 Contest *  is what winning means to me ? 

At this juncture of my life, winning for me is to raise my daughter - our future generation with an ingrained belief that she is not a mimeSome of my reflections are penned down below.

The present holds the key to a brighter future .
Taken in Mathura, Feb 2013


Disability and Parenthood : Refute or Salute?

Diversity makes us interesting and attractive,
else we wouldn't be any better than eggs in a crate - lookalikes, pale and boring !
You choose, who you are.
Published in Parent Edge
Published in ParentEdge Magazine, click here to read

This post salutes to the anonymous woman and her journey so far, whom I happened to meet two months ago.

It was a foggy winter afternoon in Delhi, the flight was delayed, and so my little girl and I cruised towards the baby care lounge.  Our companion was a women in her late 20s perched in the corner seat reading some magazine. I was caught up in the drill of feeding cerelac to a teething toddler, so in a hurry we exchanged a few words. After this, back to our own worlds.

To freshen up , she dabbed on her make up and walked out with aplomb and a smile mutely saying good bye – with her baby bump (probably second trimester) and a polio-impaired leg.

Having gone through the overwhelming experience of being first time mother, she left me with question marks hovering over my head. I couldn't help but over think about the equation between disability and motherhood. Like how uncomfortable it must be for her to travel in this condition all by herself and a pair of crutches, will she be alright ?