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Toh Zinda ho Tum !

My papa always tells me , "duniya sirf chadte suraj ko salaam 
karti hai"
and mummy says "Beta tum traveling job kyun leti ho, 
teacher kyun nahi ban jaati"? 
But my heart says, 
"Yeh Hosla Kaise Jhuke, 
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke
Shaam Chhupale Suraj magar,
Raat ko ek din Dhalna hi hai"

Pic taken in 2012 from Punamada Resort, Allepey.

This is your moment, this is you. It doesn't matter what you were in the past or will be in the future. Today is all about now, present, what you have, what you are doing at this moment. Life is all about here and now. Who we are, what we are doing and are we living upto it ?  

Your achievements are passe. 

Your goals are relative. Or should i say eternal happiness is relative to your goals. 

What you had done in the past, doesn't matter. 

You were a winner- When - Who cares?  

Not me. 

Question is are you a winner today ? If not, are you even trying to become one. Not moving irks me more than moving in the wrong direction. Don't let yourself stagnate like trapped water in the creek. 

I know, ups and downs are part of our lives, like rejection from a fellowship which were coveting like a daawg on anshan.


Midnight Pondering

As I am growing old, am I becoming ungrateful each passing day ?

The more my dreams are becoming realities the more greedy I am becoming in transit with expectation of having no lag time while going from A to B. And when it’s happening, it’s more convenient to set the achievable targets however vague they may be. Because the longer ones need dedication, commitment, hard-work and perseverance. Am I saying, to please myself I am doing things which I might not do and still no one would die?

You know what I mean? 

Have you felt like this before? 

Or should I perceive it like this, that, when everything you wish turns into a reality, your life becomes boring. So, to continue the challenge and enjoying the ‘on your toes’ time you keep on re-discovering yourself. Like what Americans do, no pun intended. 


Life is Sorted or Assorted ?

When you can't change someone you love, like my
old sofa, try changing other unimportant things !
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Ha. Life, sometimes it looks so sorted, calm, easy to the extent of touching boredom of daily schedules that you want to escape from it. You want to do the unthinkable, undoable, adventure to feel accomplished. To tell yourself you have done it when you grow old. 

On the flip side, it looks like the most randomly assorted box of chocolates of all taste, size and colour. Where you constantly search for two similar pieces to convince yourself of its familiarity and confide in it. But no. Its not. Its completely new taste, experience for you and before you decide upon your response you react out of reflex. You get tired of the variation this assorted box has to offer every time and start yearning for a regular stable life. 

Means, as a human being we are not satisfied with what we have. I am not, i will not be and if i do i would rather do tata bye to this world and socialize in hell or heaven. Despite having a particular nature as a person, a personality, individuality we do sometimes want to step up or down to do different things. Things we think we want to do like like i do want to own a bike and go for a long ride all alone. I feel that will make me happy. This is regardless of the fact that i haven't graduated beyond a scooty after class XII. Two wheeler went on to become three wheeler, my fav auto rickshaw ride and not even tried learning driving.


Mind Over Heart or Otherwise ?

Buddha in our living room, hopefully drilling some sense in me.
Gifted by D on Grihpravesh. 
The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me. When i read this quote from Howard Roark i mean Ayn Rand, i feel so powerful. So determined to go and get it - my goal. 

But what is my goal ? 

The saintly people on earth says, the ultimate goal of life is to find peace within. To attain objectivity, yet do a thing with 100 percent commitment or subjectivity.

I guess, it means, if you are successful - don't let it sit on your head or swell with pride or arrogance or prohibit exhibition and expression of any of those superlative superiority complex traits.

Similarly, if you fail, accept it calmly; with the fact that, you never wanted it in first place or it wasn't as vital for your survival as you thought and move on or try again. Become objective to the feeling of dejection, depression, losing. Let your mind deal with "You" as a third person without letting the heart interfere. Don't let both meet often, because you will be in a fix when chances of win-win situation for both parties are dim.


Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai...Part 1

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I thought of writing on this post while watching Juno, a scene having a conversation between a young couple/first-time-to-be-parents :

    Vanessa (staring at a blank wall with a tester patch): Okay. So we have... custard and cheesecake.
    Mark (almost color blindly): They're yellow.
    Vanessa: Right, well I wanted to pick something that was gender neutral until we get the baby and then we can just... add a more decisive pallete.
    Mark: Why does everybody think that yellow is gender-neutral? I-I don't know any guy with a yellow bedroom.
    Vanessa: It's a baby... I'm thinking more custard. Just with this light... I don't know maybe I should just paint a larger swatch or just try it on another wall...
    Mark: I think it's too early to paint. That's my opinion.
    Vanessa: I disagree.
    Vanessa: This wall is gonna need something. Mhm, our first family photo right in the middle. Right up there. Can you see it?

    *Names are changed for confidentiality ;p
      But the advert below on was the cherry on the cake. It sat in my heart while i was playing chu chu tv rhymes for our lil one.

As if someone is prying in our bedroom and made a shot out of it. I couldn't resist but embed this video in the post. Its just bang on especially the sound of keyboard in the background and "hmmm kharcha plan karna important hai". So very real. 

In one way, i am relived that i am not the only victim but merely one among millions of women who are left alone to love this tyranny.