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M for Mongolian Food at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot 
The half and half soup base. Yummylicious and most safest bet to order ! Very spicy !

Complimentary Green Tea 
Its placed on a hotplate on the table and soup keep simmering while you can
choose to cook your veggies/ramen/meat the way you want. 

One more time, it was yummilicious specially on a cold winter evening !


F for Fog Harbor Fish House

Place you can't miss if you are at Pier 39, Fisher Man's Wharf. 
Disclaimer for those in a hurry :-) : The food review is limited to couple of lines and pic towards the end, because after having good food i just get lost, literally. Or thereon, anytime after - even if i just try to recall the culinary experience. I just can't write about it. Its to experience. So, please, you, you and you and that one at the back fidgeting with new mobile - don't write me off when it comes to food review.

I am still savouring !

Seat for two with a self defying toddler by the window side. Welcome to Fish House !


Today i am going to write about that forgotten weekend, not long ago, when i had just arrived in town and Sinha Ji gave us two options. First, recover from jet lag and unpack all your stuff and make the place livable. Second, let's go to down town and visit Pier 39 - the bustling place where everyone wants to go as soon as they arrive San Francisco. 

I said, neki aur pooch pooch. Ami choolabe. Tara tari ! PS: Ami tumaako bhalo bhashi. Jaaa !


E for Ethiopian Food at Zeni

Must eat food before you die. Trust me on this. Its just amazing. 
Must try Zeni when in Bay Area. This is a vegetarian combo. 
A combination of YE-MISER WOT (Lentil), YE-KIK ALITCHA (Split Peas), 

Ethiopian equivalent to Indian Roti. Called as Injera (tastes very similar to dosa)

Ethiopian honey wine. Another famous beverage is the ethiopian coffee. 


B for Break Your Fast

The first restaurant that I tried in US

One of the most popular one Veggie Scramble

Across the border or something was its name !

Warm and inviting interiors

Fav. black tea


Paav Bhaaji #winter_comfort_food

Best Paav Bhaaji that i have had was in Ahmedabad at Honest and
Mumbai Juhu Chopati. We were frequent at Juhu after our late night wanderings
in down town and then you are super hungry. Here is a plate to those
memories and no one can cook it better than me with help of MDH
pav bhaji masala. 


Garma Garam Samosa #winter_comfort_food

Indian chaat scene is incomplete without the mention of samosa. We have carefully mapped an awesome place at Mowry Avenue that makes delicious samosas and you have to literally wait for it. And in the meantime, i too have made Samosa for the very first time this year and guess what - wooohooo - its very much doable. The only tricky part is to learn how to knead soft dough well and get set go. Can try any variation, peas / onions / potatoes / cheese...obviously with spicy coriander chutney.


#मुंगेरी के सपने #देसी स्वाद #सर्दी ‪

मथुरा की मिठाई बेस्ट है, जनहित में जारी। यहाँ तो हलवाई भी हम खुद ही हैं,
बनाएंगे घर पे. यार कोई हलवाई का वीसा लगवा दो नहीं तो वोह दिन दूर नहीं
जब बृजवासी की दुकान बे एरिया में तहलका मचाएगी , हाहहह !
यार कोई कुल्लड़ वाली चाय बना के दे दो ना प्लीज। ऑफिस में शान से सबको दिखा दिखा के पीयेंगे।स्टारबकस की कॉफ़ी भूल जायेंगे ये लोग, और साथ में जरा मूंगफली और गुड, गजक रेवाड़ी, जोधपुर की घी हल्दी की सब्ज़ी, पटना का लिट्टी चोखा, मथुरा का मलाई दूध।  मस्त ठण्ड पड़ रही है, मस्त खाना भी तो होना चाहिए ना... सही में... हैं न और मायके में वेकेशन, टीवी का रिमोट और सरोजिनी का मार्केट हहहहहा !


Paneer Tikka #Winter_Comfort_Food

Slowly, i am warming up to the wonders of marination. Its such a
time saving hack specially, when friends are coming over or you are
kinda of lazy to cook a full meal by itself. Paneer tikka it is, can make
the marination paste at home or simply buy ready made. Just make
sure to use hung or greek curd to make delicious tikkas with mint
coriander chutney.


Chinese Style Fried Idli #Winter_Comfort_Food

Chinese condiments are perfect recipe to keep you warm in winters with sizzling
chilli flakes, green onion and garlic-ginger. The trick is to store surplus batch of idlis
in your fridge. You will find this as one of the easiest snack as you come back home all
hungry and bone-tired. 
Recently, i tried using the Rava Idli Flour instead of buying the whole
batter container. And it also works out just fine. Do remember to add
add a dash of fruit salt or soda to make puffier idlies. 
Let them cool and store in fridge to relish as fried evening snack .
Kids love it too. 


Naan Khatai (Maida) #winter_comfort_food

Mix maida (all purpose flour), sugar, pink of salt with butter (salted/unsalted) and a dash of baking soda (pinch). For extra flavour may add either elaichi powered or vanilla essence. The proportion of maida : butter: sugar is most important followed by moderate temperature baking.  For details you can watch Nisha Madhulika's or Majula's kitchen youtube videos. I tried this first time this year and it turned out to be  simply awesome. Can be made with besan too (gram flour).
Enjoy and let me know how it turned out to be. 


Chocolate Cake made Simple with 3 Ingredients Really #Winter_Comfort_Food

I have always loved anything or everything to do with chocolate. And it was exactly around a year ago, that, i first
tried making cake at home to realize, hey, it's not at all difficult. Now, i can say i am into baking and really
enjoy making cookies, cupcakes, muffins, bread loafs, sponge cakes etc. Trust me baking smell makes your home so warm
and inviting as you enter at the dawn all tired looking for little pampering ! 

To keep up the tempo of 'yes i can bake like a pro', i played a safe bet and made cake in the most simplest possible way.
If you too are beginner, you may try it with Nestle Milkmaid Chocolate Cake Mix, Soda Water and Butter.
Beat everything together as given on packet, bake it and indulge ! Tell me how did it turn out to be.
If i can make it, anyone can. 


Chivda Chiniya Badam - Puffed Rice & Peanut Snack #winter_Comfort_Food

You are going to love this snack on a shivering winter evening and relish it
with a cup of hot cocoa milk or adrak tea. Very easy to make, simply
fry chiva in one pan. In another, fry green chillies, onion, curry leaves.
It can be made either with green peas or peanuts (whatever is available).


Chocolate Fudge from Corner House #winter_comfort_food

Dedicated to one of my favourite spot in Bangalore - Corner House. Go any time any day come back feeling totally
happy. I have contributed so much to their business that without asking me for the order, they will start preparing
hot chocolate fudge with chocolate sauce, two scoops of vanilla and peanuts. Cheers !
Even Ghirardelli is no match for it. 


Til Ke Ladoo in 5 Easy Steps : #winter_comfort_food


Til Ke Ladoo - supposed to be good for health in winters are they keep you
warm and sesame seeds and jaggery (gud) makes it a healthy snack.
The first bite of sweet dish goes to our ladoo gopal - Radhe Radhe !
Ingredients - Grated coconut, jaggery, sesame seeds, ghee, dry fruits of your
choice (i have used almonds and pumpkin seeds) and cardamom


Momos #winter_comfort_food

Winters are here and i am missing all the street food that was so very basic part of my existence - sort of basic human right. Which is no doubt being violated living here. I mean there are few good shops for chaat and all but i still miss that joy of finding a 'chat wala' or 'mithai wala' at every nook and corner. Like if you want to feel like having gol gappa, you will have to either cook meaning assemble it at home or drive to that specific chat short, instant pleasure of licking that sour-savory treat is lost in planning and execution-feeling like a task. 

So, next few posts are going to be on food - those i have cooked first time or many times this year. As the thanksgiving weekend is here, with four days off, let's blog about my favourite pass time - foooooood...

Opposite Jayanagar Central in Bangalore, you find a Big Bazaar and on its entrace is this small shop which sell
world's best momos in the world, or may be second best, the best i had was in Gangtok ! I have tried making them
one time at home to not make them again. This is number one on my list to try this weekend. Because i can't
have the momos in the chinese restaurant, for the reason they are so authentic - we like indo-chinese food which is hot !


#देखो बेटा ऐसा है #किचन

पढ़ लिख कितनी भी जाओ 
सैलरी चाहे जितनी मर्ज़ी उठाओ 
असली जंग तो चौके में ही है लड़नी 
मेथी अजवाइन नमक की पूरियाँ हैं तलनी !


Are Foodies Fit, Ever ?

This is no place to be fat. 

No, not here. 

When you see smartly dressed people around you all you need an inspiration to go out and work out. Sweat it out. Instead, what am i upto? Relishing butter because its just so yummy. Gorging on cakes, chocolates, ice-creams. 

I am almost there, when Sinha Ji will think that about me !
Oh ! puhhhlease somebody please stop me. This weight ois going to get on all the worng places and then your shape is like a rectangle, inverted. Today will all my grit and determination i make a promise myself to no behave like an illegal immigrant rescued from a famine situation. 

Learn to say no to you taste buds and for god sakes train your greedy hands. Gordon Gekko greed might be good but not when you are piling on weight. So while i am in the process of checking out new restaurants in the town since weekend is already here...oh god give me the strength to have some will power and control over my appetite. 


Break Your Fast #Foodie

Literally speaking, break your fast, fast !
Also check out, Official Website Break Your Fast
When you move to a new place the one thing that you look forward beside travelling is laying hands on local food and trying out new flavours. 

So, the first debut was made with the typical american brunch at Break Your Fast, situated right opposite to the Union City Bart Station. You have to be really hungry before going to this place. And be early or you will end up in a long waiting line. It's ideal to go out for a weekend lazy morning !

Cuisine : American
Meal Time: Breakfast and Lunches
Type : Casual Dining
Place: In-house and Open Air
Child Friendly : High chair available. Adjacent garden and a little water fountain with ducks.
Meals for two: Around $ 15
Specialty : Beignets (It's deep fried pastry with sugar coating, We haven't tried it yet)

For vegeterians the menu is little limited but for others its sizzling with fresh non-veg options. Once you decide on what's going to get slurped away to your tongue cart, be ready for the options the server is going to throw on you. 

Like what kind of bread you what, white/ brown, toast ?
What kind of potato...hash brown, mashed (i told Sinha Ji, see these people also like aalu ka chokha from our Bihar hehehe).


Bathroom Reading Benefits

Saving things/ghee pot from unsolicited use can be tiresome. Though i have been successful in playing peek-ta-boo on a daily basis for a while now; its just that poor loo is facing the after math. Ms H's has refused to enter the fortress of peace and me-time zone of our house even on weekends. Though negotiations are on and it looks like matter will be sorted towards month end, 31st is a magic number. What needs to be noted here, that, our bravo comfort station parched for a drop of harpic is not complaining at all, standing all alone in the times of recession. 

May be not that alone, newspapers are there for little chit chat and our lil one's potty seat. Khoob jamega rang jab mil baithenge teen yaar. 

The wash basin counter is no longer in sight but our soggy RaGa, NaMo and AK45 on the newspaper. No one is clearing the read, old newspapers and its alright. Its a sign how seriously newspaper reading is taken in a house, after all reading is a good habit and needs a life time to inculcate.