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Sasural Genda Phool, You Fool

Bhojpuri is such a rich language. They have a word for everything. Akbakaana, Kichiyaana, Latpatana, Bhukaniya.

BTW, just survived an awkward moment in middle of the night. Was searching namkeen and biscuit..And my mother-in-law woke up fearing big fat rat is having feast in her kitchen ! All this after dieting declaration...hunhhh — feeling hungry.


Nation Wants You To Shup Up !

Oh! Arnab nobody violates the right to speech as you do. You speak more than the guests. If at all they get a chance and start making some sense, you again jump in like a nagging wife who is always right.


NaMo Proved, Why Lotus is Our National Flower !

Haan Ji, to aaj khane main kya banega...Matar Paneer Oh ! ho ! Kya baat. Nahi ji, #PMNaMo fav food is Khichdi !

So, today's menu - Khichdi aur uske chaar yaar, Chokha, Ghee, Papad, Achaa


Deaf Mamma Published in Writer's Ezine

Thank you Writer's Ezine for this badge. It will go to the blog The Sinhas at No. 302 soon ! 

The published article, Deaf Mamma Turns Geek -