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Couldn't Relate to Run Away Brides in Bollywood ?

Last to last weekend, we were discussing how unexciting, our lives have become, after watching Hansee to Phansee.

Fav scene : Soup one by two. One by two main do se jyaada
aata hai ! 
Even if we slightly like the movie, we know a focus group discussion will follow, me, him, Sammy on mute, our thumps up and our beanny (bean bag).

I was lamenting, how i couldn't relate with bollywood romcom flicks these days. I fear, how our love story is shaping towards a conventional Mr and Mrs Sinha types now. None of us have done any adventure in our engagement or wedding, whatsoever.


Bean Bag Parenting & Ranting - Part 1

I am done with these oldies. You guys indulge.
We usually spend quality time on weekends, late nights when our bundle is tucked warmly in the quilt. He with his drink, i with mine discuss the weekly happenings and how we survived or manipulated or laughed or made fool of our selves. Off late, these discussions have become the only me time we get to spend with each other and share our sob stories about how much we crave for our previous lifestyle. 

The talks start with us claded in our respective tees & checkered boxer shorts (should be declared as national hassle free best dress) thrown deliberately on bean bag, HP and Toshiba romancing with each other lying carelessly over deewan and newspaper /magazines all over the living room...

"You remember we went to Church gate that night. ..... Pause....Hunhh?"