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Innovation, change and diversity excites me. Precisely, that's why i am in social sector, not by chance but, by choice for last 10 years and counting. Worked largely in western and southern India. In future, i foresee myself as core part of a social innovation solution, be it a product, drive, campaign, program, service, policy which has the power to impact lives of people. 

Bring change in a simple way - a way in which people feel more respected, empowered and happy.

I am thankful to Sightsavers for introducing me to the field of disability in 2007.  Based on the field experiences in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala through NGO and hospital partners, I have written following articles. 

Most of them can also be read at ParentEdge author's archive at

  1. Assistive Technology for Differently Abled
  2. How to Treat Children with Special Needs - Learning from Maysoon Zayid
  3. Strike-Up a Conversation with PWD - Without Feeling Awkward
  4. Disability and Parenthood - Refute or Salute ?
  5. Why Celebrate Disability - Dec 3rd 2013  

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