M for Mongolian Food at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot 
The half and half soup base. Yummylicious and most safest bet to order ! Very spicy !

Complimentary Green Tea 
Its placed on a hotplate on the table and soup keep simmering while you can
choose to cook your veggies/ramen/meat the way you want. 

One more time, it was yummilicious specially on a cold winter evening !


F for Fog Harbor Fish House

Place you can't miss if you are at Pier 39, Fisher Man's Wharf. 
Disclaimer for those in a hurry :-) : The food review is limited to couple of lines and pic towards the end, because after having good food i just get lost, literally. Or thereon, anytime after - even if i just try to recall the culinary experience. I just can't write about it. Its to experience. So, please, you, you and you and that one at the back fidgeting with new mobile - don't write me off when it comes to food review.

I am still savouring !

Seat for two with a self defying toddler by the window side. Welcome to Fish House !


Today i am going to write about that forgotten weekend, not long ago, when i had just arrived in town and Sinha Ji gave us two options. First, recover from jet lag and unpack all your stuff and make the place livable. Second, let's go to down town and visit Pier 39 - the bustling place where everyone wants to go as soon as they arrive San Francisco. 

I said, neki aur pooch pooch. Ami choolabe. Tara tari ! PS: Ami tumaako bhalo bhashi. Jaaa !


E for Ethiopian Food at Zeni

Must eat food before you die. Trust me on this. Its just amazing. 
Must try Zeni when in Bay Area. This is a vegetarian combo. 
A combination of YE-MISER WOT (Lentil), YE-KIK ALITCHA (Split Peas), 

Ethiopian equivalent to Indian Roti. Called as Injera (tastes very similar to dosa)

Ethiopian honey wine. Another famous beverage is the ethiopian coffee. 


B for Break Your Fast

The first restaurant that I tried in US

One of the most popular one Veggie Scramble

Across the border or something was its name !

Warm and inviting interiors

Fav. black tea