Momos #winter_comfort_food

Winters are here and i am missing all the street food that was so very basic part of my existence - sort of basic human right. Which is no doubt being violated living here. I mean there are few good shops for chaat and all but i still miss that joy of finding a 'chat wala' or 'mithai wala' at every nook and corner. Like if you want to feel like having gol gappa, you will have to either cook meaning assemble it at home or drive to that specific chat shop...in short, instant pleasure of licking that sour-savory treat is lost in planning and execution-feeling like a task. 

So, next few posts are going to be on food - those i have cooked first time or many times this year. As the thanksgiving weekend is here, with four days off, let's blog about my favourite pass time - foooooood...

Opposite Jayanagar Central in Bangalore, you find a Big Bazaar and on its entrace is this small shop which sell
world's best momos in the world, or may be second best, the best i had was in Gangtok ! I have tried making them
one time at home to not make them again. This is number one on my list to try this weekend. Because i can't
have the momos in the chinese restaurant, for the reason they are so authentic - we like indo-chinese food which is hot !


  1. Nice of you to share...might help Bengaluru-ites!

    1. Or it will help me see them atleast here, in full glory whenever i am tempted to have some.

  2. Try Inchin bamboo chain.very close to what we eat in India!!!

    1. Thanks CM saab, i will surely try. Its raining here like hell, time is set for momos.