When I Went to San Francisco LGBTQ Pride Parade @45, 2015

SF Pride @ 45 : Equality Without Exception
June 27-28, 2015

Welcome to the most adventurously weird and different kind of parade where i marched in with my eyes wide open out of awe watching diversity all ages, color, pedigree bloom or rather hang in full monty ! 

I was marching towards BART (term used for bay area rapid transit = local train) i could see hordes of people all drenched in hues of pink or rainbow colors. I didn't know, i was going to the most funky talked about event of the century, ignorance is bliss and there my mind started having conversations on its own with eyes roaming like dozen frustrated men who never had     . 

Highest form of diversity is now mainstream ! Any thing can happen in California. Hail !
"Oh my god ! did i see her in sheer lacy lingerie and pink feathers or let me guess that is wearing only duct tapes putting victoria secret out of business."

"No, no, it can't be true - you can't wear a leash around your neck and your toy- where the dog?"

"Excuse me, are you both wearing the same under pants, at the same time and no one is even bothered to stare except this stupid small town girl."

I was like, has the parade already begun or this is just a trailor - picture abhi baaki hai mere dost ! It took me sometime to acclimatize to the colorful paraphernalia and self attestation of a desi in a mad-mad world as i recollected all the cheap whatsapp LGBT jokes and bollywood numbers - Munda saada bigad gaya. Though, i never understood why my fakebook friends changed their profile pictures. So typical of us Indians, going with the crowd without even knowing the subject in the first place. We like generalization - jack of all - master of none ! But seriously, changing profile pics on fakebook while the real LGBT beacon was here.