Small Town Girl Moves to ?

Bollywood ahhh i miss you so much, though i am now practically closer to Hollywood. 

Oh yes, this is a news and the only reason why my blog is not breathing as frequently as it should. A lot of my friends have poked me on this. A month back i was in a situation with three kids at home. One is my daughter and the other two her grand parents. And i haven't yet watched Piku but i am sure there will  be scenes in it straight out of my life, very recent. 

Trust me relocating is altogether a pain in your good fat place, that thing, your personal cushion. And i was told to do so all by myself to a different country. Sinha Ji moved in here sometime in Jan and i was flying over the city and later on driving like a mad cow with no license. But it came as a big support else living in suburbia i don't know how much i would have spent only on cabs.

In last three months probably the most exciting part was that of driving. I has so much in my mind to write about lest i have had time. Anyways.

No help from her is the greatest help i could ask for.
No volunteering please, please i insist. Mummy Papa you too.
Yours Truly,
Bahu Raani

Where are we now. We are here in a new city.

I don't know if it was a right decision but traveling to new places i have always loved. However, at this point of my life when i was almost ready to join the workforce of productive employees from 8 to 8 as Snv was prepared to go to school...it was like keeping it on hold. Although, i am employed but i miss going to office. I miss my travel, talking to real people (not to skype, bridge calls, team viewers). With the given scheme of things, i made peace with my current work since its remote location. Chapter closed. 

So, when this opportunity came along, although we (he) was keen on it from past two years. 

For the record, Sinhas have valid visas for three countries, UK, Canada and US in order. However, my faith in god restored last year, when the lottery system flashed our card and we went to Chennai and came back happily slurping idli and sambhar. That was one short trip with a very long line. In a way its good, that, i got three months to mentally prepare myself for doing the jadhu pooncha, chauka bartan wala kaam. Yes. That's what everybody prepares you for as soon as you break the news. 

The one thing that made me really emotional was my house. Our own house. Our first big asset since we two started off as love lorn beggars with degrees and no monies. But on the other hand, i am like atleasst i have lived there for some time. But still i don't have a heart to give it on rent. Emotional phool fool !

PS: Let me be filmy that i am born : 

Jitna bhi try karo...
Life main kuch na kuch toh chootega hi...
Toh jahan hain wahin ka mazaa lete hai na...


  1. He he he.. It happens I also don''t like to give my things easily :)


  2. Seems you have picked up YZHD too much! but yes I can relate to this very much:) preparing for chauka bartan and jhadoo pocha is something which is so much needed in this country,however ironically you still can find "ME" time,I may not be right since I am still not in Parent Zone but can say you would have loads of time to reflect and ahan:) Bollywood ki real value yahi aakar pata lagti hai!!!!

    1. Sach main yaar, indian food, music and language can instantly feel you at home no matter you are doing jhaadu or poncha. Can you believe my latest possession is a steam mop - now i am a hiteck bai ! I hate myself.

  3. India is going to miss you di :) Would you come back or our country has lost another pair of brains? All the best!

    1. Hey Mandy, i love your posts. How do you manage to look gorgeous even after motherhood. Hail fashionista blogger. Love from Calif