Visit To Dentist and Remembering Raju !

Recently I have got a pearly white ‘composite filling’ tooth. They call it number 7. With all our childhood memories goes to saluting the dental hygiene of Raju in a classroom in front of Master Ji, I guess I missed my lessons.

Raju tumhare daant to motiyoon rahe hain jaise chamak!
Kyun ho Master Ji! Main Dabu Laal baby Manjan jo estemaal Poker hoon!

Earlier Master Ji and now me, we both envy pearly white teeth. May be Sinha Ji has better dental set up though he is very particular to expose them through a heartfelt laughter, as if giggles are taxed. He has questioned the lack of discipline, with which I am raised in childhood (including other aspects as well) and attributed my not brushing teeth before bed tea to that. 

365 days x 5 years, there is not a single day when I have asked him like a doting wife that I am, for a cup of tea and he replied, “Let me brush”.Hope you had read my account on why bed is taken..."Bed Tea Lovers Tell Me"?

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With frequent dental visits to complete my Root Canal, once he took me under his wings for a quick lecture on oral hygiene. I said, I am taking it from Madhuri, Kareena and Sonakshi for the namak wala toothpaste, don’t want yours. Still with all his chivalry and a bit of superiority complex he said, 

"I used to tell you na to brush before bed tea."

“See now, what happened”?

Don't you? Hawww !
Continued with his discourse for some time, glancing to his left with changing gears, expecting an equally worried and sad submissive reply from her root canaled half. We were nearing our home and like a supportive subordinate it was time to pose a question to close the matter before someone in our building eavesdrop on it– 

"How do you know about all this, so much in detail."

“I got my RC done six years back”.


Bang on.

Rather hang on for a second.Now it wad my turn to rescue myself from cavities guilt...

I contained my happiness from molar to molar hiding canines beneath arching lips.I asked another question this time, filled with teething determination, “With all your disciplined hygiene routine…You too had it, even before me”.

My eyes were gleaning like Watson, like, if he has discovered some of Holmes casual escapade from the past, precisely from the Bakery, Patisserie, Boulangerie off Baker’s Street. And then, that laughter in which you are so happy from your belly, that, your auditory system respond after a pause of couple of minutes gone viral, too loud for our car. 

Now, it was my turn to give lecture and pounce back.

"Bhai, yeh to Gupta Ji wali baat ho gai."

"Hamare Gupta Ji Code peete they scout Cancer unki Shergill- le li."

"Esse achcha hi wait to pee."

PS: Bade aaye dental hygiene wale. 

If you are motivated or demotivated either ways, let's go back in the past and sing with me in chorus...

Daanton kare ki moti hifajat the chamkaaye, 
Dabur Lal Dant Manjan the mukhda khil khil Jaaye ...

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  1. Hahaha...the first time I visited this post I felt this was incomplete. Today reading it I feel now the story is complete with the protagonist being happy at the end. One of the doctors whom I have been fairly regular with all my life has been the dentist since the age of 7. Dental care is one area that I am quite strict with Dhruv for brushing teeth every night before sleep.
    Its been a long time since you have visited my blog, do you also feel so?

  2. Brushing twice, here i am fighting so that she just dont lick away the toothpaste like candy. Anna, I am running around in some work and didn't find time to post often. Will resume soon and sure snoop in your blog too.

    1. You experiment with my name quite often.....hahaha