Understanding Children with Autism

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I happened to meet my old friend last week who was just recovering from an accident. Due to the injury in her leg, she had gone through a surgery and got it fixed with help of steel rods. Now, she can’t walk properly, and the limping is quite visible. She is the mother of an autistic son, 14 years. After meeting her, I realised that I did not have much awareness about Autism despite working in the area of disability. For greater awareness and sensitization, I am sharing some useful information for parents.

What is Autism? 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), aka Autism, is a syndrome characterized by impairment in social interaction (withdrawal, failure to engage in interaction with peers or adults), delays in both verbal and nonverbal communication skills, deficits in cognitive skills, and impairment in the ability to engage in make-believe play. Individuals may engage in repetitive activities or a limited repertoire of activities. It develops from 0 to 3 years age group due to genetic chromosomal disorder.

There are generally two types of autistic children: high functioning and low functioning.

High functioning autistic children are over achievers, hyperactive and perform well at studies and work. However, the low functioning autistic children need constant care, supervision and life-long attention even to perform basic daily living skills (DLS). They generally live at home with their parents or in residential facilities where their needs can be constantly addressed.


Life is Sorted or Assorted ?

When you can't change someone you love, like my
old sofa, try changing other unimportant things !
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Ha. Life, sometimes it looks so sorted, calm, easy to the extent of touching boredom of daily schedules that you want to escape from it. You want to do the unthinkable, undoable, adventure to feel accomplished. To tell yourself you have done it when you grow old. 

On the flip side, it looks like the most randomly assorted box of chocolates of all taste, size and colour. Where you constantly search for two similar pieces to convince yourself of its familiarity and confide in it. But no. Its not. Its completely new taste, experience for you and before you decide upon your response you react out of reflex. You get tired of the variation this assorted box has to offer every time and start yearning for a regular stable life. 

Means, as a human being we are not satisfied with what we have. I am not, i will not be and if i do i would rather do tata bye to this world and socialize in hell or heaven. Despite having a particular nature as a person, a personality, individuality we do sometimes want to step up or down to do different things. Things we think we want to do like like i do want to own a bike and go for a long ride all alone. I feel that will make me happy. This is regardless of the fact that i haven't graduated beyond a scooty after class XII. Two wheeler went on to become three wheeler, my fav auto rickshaw ride and not even tried learning driving.


Raaga Arts and Grameena Angadi - Ethnic Home Decor Shopping Destination in Jaya Nagar

Simple decor items like a lantern with a diya in it add a sparkle in your house.

Every house waits to get dressed up on the occasion of Diwali. No matter what is the theme of your home decor, Indian handicrafts, metal souvenirs, painting, terracotta artefacts, hanging lamps, lanterns statues always find a place to adore our living room space or rejuvenate balcony. 

Since, I stay in South Bangalore (outskirts) going to Commercial Street or MG Road is a bit too tiring and time consuming. In search of a good place to shop for festivals, last week, I got to visit two Indian Ethnic Handicraft stores. One is called Raaga Arts and the other is Grameena Angadi, both are in straight line in Jayanagar 4th T Block. 

For me it was a paradise for shopping for seasonal festival as well as for decor pieces to keep for lifetime. From Raaga Arts (Tamil Nadu based), if you move towards the right side of the store, half a mile away there is another store called Grameena Angadi (Kerala based), where you can find traditional silver, golden, earthen pots, jute lamp shades, handwoven sarees, cotton dress material and a variety of natural green products (edibles, organic food etc.) along with home decor items. 

Raaga Arts 
10, 11th main road, 38th B Cross,
Opposite-Shalini Grounds,
Near-Raghavendra Temple,
Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Grameena Angadi
8, 11th Main Road, 39th A Cross,
Opposite-Shalini Grounds,
Near-Raghavendra Temple,
Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

Sharing some of the recent pictures and items for sale on Diwali.


I Loved Your Surprise :)

I am going to dive in it soon!
Yipee. Thanks Chets.
I am celebrating friendship day today.


Of all the readers who snooped right into my previous post and yet carefully ignored my birthday i was thinking of buying it from traffic signal. 


I am poor when it comes to stocking original books and otherwise too (paying tips to servers). Because if you care to see, i love my planet and the more original book means more trees are cut to produce best quality pulp. At the same time, i am not comfortable in reading e-books. I need to have it in my hand with a bookmark and tea cup mark, eventually. 

For me content matters, not the cover or make-up. 

I am remembering the first time i had met her in college. The bubbly effervescent girl from another small town didn't take much time to connect with her Brij counter part.

We were a lot same and a lot different that time. And now, I am still the same and CS has changed a lot. If i say 360 degree, it wouldn't be enough the amount of transformation or make over that i have seen in her. But I was assured she is still the same deep inside and this kind gesture of her proved it again.


My Interview at Smart Indian Women

In the month of September, our blog was featured on the "Smart Indian Women" online community. Sharing with you all, my first ever interview.

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Thanks for taking the time to chat with SIW. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog. 

Deaf Mamma : I have had a pretty much middle class upbringing. Which means, I have been brought up to become self dependent yet not loose touch with our values, our tradition. And clearly, this is what my blog is all about – stories of uniterrupted middle class family. Its a personal lifestyle blog where i largely write about my relationships, work, family and everything in between.

If you read it, i would be like talking to me in person straight from heart. I have no fear of being judged by readers and that’s what makes my blog so unique. Real.

I am an alumni of Indian Institute of Health Management and Research with specialization in Public Health. I have been working in not-for-profit/corporate sector for close to 10 years to bring social change.

What makes your blog so unique and why should people read it?

Deaf Mamma : Here, you can read about the forgotten quintessential pleasures which a middle class Indian from small town is addicted to and runs the marathon all his life for…

For example, managing relationships with spouse, mother-in-law, running household chores, raising kids, bringing down expenses, thinking ways of saving, celebrating festivals, eyeing a raise in office, daring to do modern thing but fearing to leave values and tradition, want to come in limelight but equally fear what “society” will say – all of it with a dash of humor or sarcasm.

Reading it will be like overhearing a gossip session, sometimes or reading a heartfelt plea or confession.