Ifs and Butts of Western Wear

"You speak Parada" ? Quote from
Confessions of a Shopaholic.

You walk in the mall in your newly picked seasonal yellow chiffon top, golds studs, tightly braided french plait nude gladiators and matching satchel bag. 

Did i miss something ?

Oh! paired with black bell bottom trousers. 

Why I this sudden bent for fashion ? 

As a dedication to my younger sister, PC, who thinks my fashion quotient is lost in transition of becoming mother. And she didn't read my blog, since its tag line says " stories of middle class family". 

She has objection with the word 'middle class'. How on earth two people are born and brought up in same family and yet they have different class. Besides, the point is dressing up to work or otherwise do make you feel good about yourself. Your body feel liberated out of those t-shirts and jeans. 

One fine day, with such up fashion tip to toe oozing with oomph factor, feeling beautiful inside, deaf mamma went to a nearest mall for lunch. Twice in a week I do that. It keeps my weight in check and also satiate my window shopping fits. And off late, such no-touching-only-seeing walks have quite helped me in saving money and loosing weight.  

Quote from Confessions of a Shopaholic.
The girl with green scarf.

Why, simply because sale is over a few weeks back and i will keep doing window shopping until next six months to derive motivation on physical, emotional and financial front. I don't understand why men can't see this from an analytic's point of view. Why they just shrink the whole purpose of buying things and put them to use.

Global issue between genders ! Forget it. 

This brown bag swinging in mood just 4 inches below my waist, showing off the side bents done religiously in gym - for good. Poised, head held high in air, just enough tension in neck and certain angle to let the world notice but at the same time ignoring people around. Yes. Ignoring the very living thing, a human being is taken as the sign of confidence. 

Irony, isin't ? 

We (me and my outer snob girl) went to fourth floor to satiate hunger pangs.That's kind of risk in going to malls. If i am happy or sad i can go and retire to a chocolate parlour for occasional gluttony. And this entire mechanism makes inches plus or minus to my waist - so volatile, isin't? They are like muffins - now they are in the shop show case, then in my tray and gupppp.

"Hi, give me half a dozen banana walnut, please. Thank you." 

Mecca and Madina of chocolate lovers. Their Kormangala branch
is even better. 

If chocolate aroma is in the air, nearby you will indeed find love or love birds !

I see it as a classic case of double burden of disease in developing world, what we used to call in epidemiology classes. First, you have to resist buying and second, eating. On top of that, after a chocolatic affair in food court when your are high on happy hormones serotonin / endorphins treading the shopping mall floor by floor via escalator is like standing up a test for your willpower - Buy or No to Buy. That's precisely the reason every swanky mall has a chocolate shop at the top, its kind of an addiction center to lure people into using their cards and let the discretion go for a walk. 

"Or may be i should consider taking lift next time" 

Another side of the story is when you know what you want in life it fills you with enough determination to speed up your acts and march towards your goal - a loo. Don't know, if its the narcissistic syndrome, to check out your image in mirror or a real urgency to relax in one seat solitary kingdom for donating uric acid. 

That's a flip side of being caught in good fitting western wear. They are just made to measure. They are by no way like their Indian counterparts which are generally or specifically open for cardinal diurnal to urinal  changes in your body size and much forgiving by all means. Let's stand up and thanks Sarees or Shalwar Kameej for providing us with meters and meters of lawns not only to wrap us up but save from wardrobe malfunctions at times.

Go back western wears to your land. Hail Indian ethnic wear and big fat Indian...

I read it as "Hell Beautiful" , "Hello Comfort"


  1. I am back again.
    I laughed and laughed and laughed through the entire piece. What a wonderful means to loose weight with a brisk walk in the nearby multistoried mall in the air conditioned ambience. Not a drop of sweat.
    And that muffin in the showcase....on the plate and gupp gupp hahaha.
    Ignoring the living beings in the mall and seeing through them as a matter of confidence is yet another example of elasticity.
    With this I have to question myself what m I doing here when I have to fold up the whole house....urgently.

    1. Hahah, i too sometime wonder some of the sales person must be wondering...what is that she is here for - fitness walk or folly :)

  2. Sometimes I think me and my brother have different status, just like you and your sister. After reading your post, I am all charged up to hit gym or walk in the mall, which will serve multiple purpose.

    1. Hey Saru, good to hear your side. I was so tied up with writing part (office work) couldn't reply earlier. BTW being fit really helps in running around and managing things. However, for mall walk don't carry your cards. Sharing from experience and never go when SALE is on ;)