Bed Tea Lovers

Every morning siting on this dining table, i wish,
when will he break this good habbit ? Others will follow.
Tell me, should a person do a heavy exercise like brushing teeth, before reaching to a simmering cup of bed tea. 

My vote is no. But how do i tell Sinha Ji, to stop acting like a warden.

I tell you, there are so many if and buts that, are hidden beneath a love marriage, one of them is how to prioritize brushing your teeth to shine out pearly white enamel. 

This is beyond common sense for me.
The name bed tea itself shout out loud, the place where it has to be sipped slowly with eyes popping out on page 3, the Ness Mess, who is the real Villain, when Zindagi Gulzar Hai is coming (8 pm, June 23) plus a dose on SALE (perennial ritual in Bangalore).

These are all urban issues that an educated woman face and the stigma attached to it. Now with a daughter in tow, that day is not far away, when i will be taunted upon to have bad manners, says who ? After all, all the famous sayings shun sharp tongue. Never ever they have mentioned even slightly about the sequence of brushing. And i have a well controlled tongue, may be not, but i am trying.

If you are someone, who just loves to get lost in the elaichi aroma of morning tea/chai/chaaha, with birds tweeting in their own language, smell of newspaper and fresh air in balcony (most importantly, your toddler and her daddy tucked in bed), you are just my type ;p 

So, tomorrow onward, turn a blind eye from disciplinarian Matrons and Wardens, controlling our lifestyle in the name of marriage and indulge in your foolish ways of being happy.


  1. lol :D Its pretty much personal choice I guess :D I support brushing first :D

    1. First comment and that too in favour of the warden ;(

  2. Ha ha.. I would favor the lady.. no rules please...

    Hey, btw very cute name of the blog.

    1. Thanks Manjulika. Else, being a woman people have stereotypes ;)