Traveling with Toddler - Part 1

The cute active kid beats the @#$% out of her mother. I swear !
Is that the pamper money saver pack peeping out :(

So far, I have enjoyed the status of a high flier which my previous jobs offered me. I have always taken pride in mentioning the number of airports I have been to, nationally. Status messages like "living out of the suitcase", "weekend in this city", "3 days there" or describing local delicacies or shopping list used to adorn my facebook wall, once upon a time. 

But this one flight, that, I took on the date known to me, changed everything, I used to love about airports. Reason was my co-passenger, who didn't leave a chance to remind me how helpless I am. In public, she refused to identify or expose any sort of association with me - her mother !

The first place to say garcia is the airport loo. As soon as i used to reach there, will go straight to the most cleanest area on earth talking about BIAL (worst is Kolkatta), to look civilized , tightly braided french plait and kohl. Remember BIAL is only 50kms from my place, which means if you are going for a meeting to Delhi at 10, you have to catch a flight at 6 am - So, the cab pick up is at 3:45. And if you are person of hygiene you will wake up at 3 to drag yourself out of bed and take a bath. BTW deo and elaichi, center fresh too have done remarkably well in  the past, if you over slept or never slept. 

When we were just two of us, i used to tell Sinha Ji, why waste 3 hours to sleep, lets catch up a movie or have a night out. Being a "born employee" first, father/son later, followed by a brother, friend, good citizen, a Bihari, a good tax payer, all other relations in between and at last my husband, he never accorded to my wishes, obviously. This sequence is true and this is how he prioritizes his life. 

Coming back to this post. The moment we are done with check-in and security checks and collected my hand bag which have reduced to a sling bag from tote.

Looks like my daughter has woke up, alas !

To be continued...


Today's Question


Bed Tea Lovers

Every morning siting on this dining table, i wish,
when will he break this good habbit ? Others will follow.
Tell me, should a person do a heavy exercise like brushing teeth, before reaching to a simmering cup of bed tea. 

My vote is no. But how do i tell Sinha Ji, to stop acting like a warden.

I tell you, there are so many if and buts that, are hidden beneath a love marriage, one of them is how to prioritize brushing your teeth to shine out pearly white enamel. 

This is beyond common sense for me.


Couldn't Relate to Run Away Brides in Bollywood ?

Last to last weekend, we were discussing how unexciting, our lives have become, after watching Hansee to Phansee.

Fav scene : Soup one by two. One by two main do se jyaada
aata hai ! 
Even if we slightly like the movie, we know a focus group discussion will follow, me, him, Sammy on mute, our thumps up and our beanny (bean bag).

I was lamenting, how i couldn't relate with bollywood romcom flicks these days. I fear, how our love story is shaping towards a conventional Mr and Mrs Sinha types now. None of us have done any adventure in our engagement or wedding, whatsoever.


Let's Save New Age Fathers

Most of the times, its a mother who steals the show in raising a kid, much beyond her biological capacity to reproduce. 

And, a man is solely seen as a breadwinner. With women taking reign of workplace plus running household chores, being a father is much difficult and obsolete. 

Why ?

Don't Wait for Father's Day !

We don't have to wait for this obligatory, western, compulsive celebration of Father's Day - to tell them what they mean to us. We don't wait for Christmas to meet, greet and laugh over a turkey. We don't take summer holidays to connect with each other. Actually, Indian parents never let their child off shoulders until their last breaths. 

Our love is best bespoken in small ways of care, 365 days.


Nuclear Family Boon or Doom ?

Do you ever feel that the pressures of "Nuclear Family" releases on a child's upbringing like losing temper, scolding, spanking, cranky all the time, feeling down for leaving job etc ? I am brought up in a joint family and so is my husband. And we often discuss about this? Is anybody on the same boat ? Is the grass really greener on the other side?


दादी माँ बनाती थी रोटी/ Dadi Maa Banati Thi Roti

Jo Mile Usmain, Kaat Lenge Hum,
Thodi Khushiyaan, Thode Aanson Baant Lenge Hum-
Lyrics of "Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho"

Movie City Lights (Must Watch)
I don't know who the author is. Who so ever is written this, its so true. And the hangover of the movie CityLights make me love this poem even more.

दादी माँ बनाती थी रोटी,
पहली गाय की ,
आखरी कुत्ते की
एक बामणी दादी की

एक मेथरानी बाई
हर सुबह सांड आ जाता था
दरवाज़े पर गुड़ की डली के लिए
कबूतर का चुग्गा


Sasural Genda Phool, You Fool

Bhojpuri is such a rich language. They have a word for everything. Akbakaana, Kichiyaana, Latpatana, Bhukaniya.

BTW, just survived an awkward moment in middle of the night. Was searching namkeen and biscuit..And my mother-in-law woke up fearing big fat rat is having feast in her kitchen ! All this after dieting declaration...hunhhh — feeling hungry.