8. Humour is The Medicine for First Time Mother

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I had a long very long grievances list to share with Fairy God Mother, who left me just like that in delivery room. But before i could do that, she handed me another letter from God.

Dear Child, 

I am God.  You like it or not, believe it or not, but you are here to stay, to learn and mark this as the most important turning point of your life. 

For the bright competent students, who want to complete the course but lying at the bottom of pyramid/patience, please bring an extra dose of HUMOUR each single day. This will help you fetch passing marks at least, if not distinction. 

With Peace and Love,
PS: Will you care to notice the halo above my head and spotless satin white gown? It’s me and not a fancy dress participant.

Though, the letter was supposed to reach me on Nov 5, it reached me exactly after one year. By then, i had learned on my own to live each day with a spoonful of humour with weekend parenting rant retiring on beanny (read part 1 here)

Me, her and my laptop cann't co-exist peacefully at any given point of time. Because of which, i am not taking any freelancing assignments, sitting at home, have forcefully become full-time stay at home mother, domesticated by force not will, can't wear boxer shorts any more because even the best quality elastics can crumble against force of gravity in presence of a 'just learned to walk' toddler.

So, what ?

Don't interrupt, i haven't finished yet. 

I haven't watched a movie on TV for months without fear of her waking up because half of the time goes in finding out the remote. Going to beauty parlour is a luxury, unless it becomes absolutely necessary or my eyebrows starts to have a growing resemblance with Gandalf.

Haven't gone out for a all girl outing or free spirited gossip session with girl friends all alone without a mention of parenting talk, because i hate what i am becoming, an irritating nagging woman. Where is that free willed girl who had made a list of European countries to visit. Wasn't it supposed to be Morroco in 2014, after Greece. No terms and conditions, no considerations. 

What's your advice ?

Now i can't dream, i have nightmares about what happened today and what's going to happen tomorrow. Because he is at office. It's me the bravo Gulliver, who suffers from those tiny pricky needle like pains which my Lilliput is so proficient at giving in ample.

Listen to this, you have your newly shifted neighbours at door for a two minute courtesy talk. All your Lilliput can think is how to steal Gulliver's two minute peace of mind and make it her own moment of fame. And eureka, why no just drag the laundary bag into the living room only to prove theory of probability which by all means showcase your hidden unmentionables and size.

Where Rupa is flirting with Lovable, Jockey is hugging Enamor - what a Triumph of lingerie love !

Let me go back in flash back, where it all started in first place?

It went viral with Aur good news kab de rahi ho ? (When are you giving good news dear?) syndrome, which every happy couple goes through just after celebrating 2nd or 3rd wedding anniversary. Parents believe the earlier the better.


To avoid that last million dollar question mark staring at our faces 24x7 in all social familial gatherings,  we bowed down so much so that, now we jostle to entertain even our basic rights like freedom of speech or expression. During this time, i found my way to my sleeping blog as writing is so very therapeutic. We went ahead to prove that, yes we are a typical middle class Indian family. We have to have our little mutants spread here and there to prove our fertility and genuinely earn a label of hansta khelta khushhaal parivaar, "Settled" ! 

Why nobody ever gave us a clue or even we didn't use our vices that The Sinhas at No. 302 are a complete family itself.

Hum do, hamara ek TV. (Us and our TV- Happy Family)

To be continued...

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This post is written for April A to Z Challenge 2014, serial number 402.  


  1. When the World was going crazy over HIMYM Finale, I discovered your blog and got addicted to it ... will always remain thankful to A to Z Challenge for this :D

    1. Thanks yaar. Obviously i am not aware of anything on TV . Ahhh, i so much miss watching TV for hours.

  2. Amazing how one little person can change your life, huh? They move out eventually. With one married and two young ones at home, I've seen it all. I figure if I can simply hold out until college my sanity might return.

    Loving your posts.



    1. Hahahah sanity too has gone on vacation. Was busy in running errands, will soon snoop in your blog Cheryl.

  3. I'm not a mother yet but I'll remind your lesson!

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for your visit. I will catch you on your clean slate.

  4. trusst me I so can relate to it aand you know why:) Millon dollaar Question is haunting me these days even after sitting here miles away,it doesnot spare me.societal pressure is mounting day by day and it is scary to call anyone termed as "family" back now in India:)

  5. Let me ask you too "Aur koi good news" ? hahah you are next Chets ahhaha

  6. well you know it is the " tone" which will make all the diffrence when you will ask!!! Teasing and fun!!!

    1. This is mother-in-law tone, full of desperation to see grandchild. :p Now what's your take !

  7. Kya Baath Hai. Funny post and interesting too. Keep at it... Happy Blogging A to Z.

    Here is my take for the letter H.

    1. Hi Shail, thanks for dropping in. Here i go to your muse n motivation ;p