18. Recyle Baby Food - Recover from Post Annaprashan Horror !

Annaprasan Ceremony celebrated at Kohinoor Hall. Here, Snv is 6 months old and sort of bald. 
April 28th, 2013
Post Annaprashan ceremony's grand celebration at dadihal (grandparent's home) amidst 150 guests indeed gave us a nice family photo album. May be the idea was to recall when did you had a peal of laughter, last time. 

On return, the couple soldiers were left to do fire fighting at the border with a mere supply of tasteless Cerelac / Nestum to surrender in front of a conquering infant. Or to say it better, i had found myself a new fanatic boss throwing baby food/leave application  on my face through her glass cabin, 5 times a day, 30 days in a month for unremitting 6 months. 

Everybody passing through the glass cabin was sympathizing with me, but none was daring to enter. 

You are the jhansi ki rani, gulabo of gulab gang, maiya yashoda, mother india, gai hamari maata hai - humko kuch nahi aata hai, everything damn thing versatility can cast you in.
Annaprasan is the Hindu Ritual - Marks infant's first intake of 
food other than milk. Usually celebrated at six months and sweet rice 
kheer is offered in silver utensils.

It took me a while and several endorsements from our Pediatrician, that our child is a fussy eater. It means you are screwed badly. All the time your performance measurement is going to revolve around her weight gain. No body is happy looking at her milestones but her fatty cheeks and round shape. 

One theory says that child who are very active finds difficulty in gaining weight, other says let their teething beings, some says you too must be a frenzy eater in childhood - this is the time for you to pay for your sins ! Whatever it was, its probably the toughest time period of my life - a flashback of which my daughter even gives whenever she wants - to let me fall in line. 

The optimist in my never lost sight of innovation and found these wonderful ways in which you can use baby food. At least it gave me satisfaction that money is not going down the drain. 

1- Cerelac/ Nestum - Delicious Desserts in No Time

You can use it to thicken rice puddings and desserts. It acts as excellent base for any sweet dish - but has to be consumed on the same day. Use cardamom (elaichi) and dry fruits powder to enhance taste. Similarly, you can also make Badam Kesar Milk by using cerelac to thicken its consistency. 

Read recipe by Tarala Dalal - Kheer

2- Formula Milk - For Glowing Skin of Moms !

My daughter hated it and never had it, still all moms keep a packet at bay in case of traveling. And its quite expensive and so it hurts to dump in a bin. One of the way, to use Lactogen or Nan or Similac is to make face pack.

Just take one scoop of milk powder, put little sugar (act as scrub) and apply on face. Since its rich in protein it gives sheen and tightens skin. To improve efficacy you can add few drops of lemon/ mashed banana too. 

3- Mashed Baby Food- To make Khichdi or Dal Chawal or Vegetables Paratha. 

The sight of mashed food lying there makes me nauseating and not to mention the ghee (clarified butter) you had put in it. It is nutritious but looks like a waste if your kid has refused it on your face. .  

A very good use is to use the mashed food in flour to make dough (without adding any water). From this dough you can make delicious paratha, serve hot with curd or pickles. You can make paranthas, puri and even rotis. To make it tastier just add a little bit of salt to taste and sprinkle green coriander.

Read the recipe from Tarla Dalal - Masala Khichdi Paratha

That's all for now. Tell me if you know any other recycled version or if you tried any of these !

* Image Courtesy - Google 

To be continued, hopefully...
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This post is written for April A to Z Challenge 2014.  


  1. I do something of this sort now. When my son refuses to eat the vegetables and would tell me to give him 'only paratha', they go through the grinder and are kneaded with the dough to make parathas.

    1. I simply hate throwing food for someone who has no love for it.

  2. Ingenious. You took a bad experience and turned it into something useful. It makes me realize how wasteful Americans are. I have one picky eater, so I sympathize with your plight.

    1. Thank Cheryl, its time for you to try some Indian cuisine and wait gain ;p

  3. I had no clue about this ... but surely your A to Z series will help me in near future :p

    1. Keep us in bookmark and share with you better half ;p