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22. Vain Friendships & Motherhood

Please write in your diary somewhere, that, motherhood is a litmus test of all relationships - be it your partner, parents, siblings or friends. Although being a 32 year old woman, i have had the luxury to choose who i want to be friends with, but then alienating a whole bunch of vain friends is not that easy. More so, when you come across as an over zealous bubbly extrovert personality, your chances are dim already. 


21. Ultimate Movies for New Parents

Apologies for keeping you all waiting for my not so wonderful posts, but then what fans are all about - to support the blogger when she is on a slack. Isin't ? 

So, today i am going to share six ultimate movies which are not essentially on pregnancy, but on parenting. All of them are romcoms and drama with some emotionally blackmailing scenes. Enjoy !


20. Two States and A Ring Ceremony

A quote a read somewhere - Don't marry a man, unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him !
April 23, 2009.

Today is a special day in the chronicles of The Sinhas at No. 302.

On April 23rd, 2009 two states had signed the treaty to respect each other despite the ingrained superiority complex brewing inside and maintain decorum in the name of love. When i said two states, i meant two families. For families to marry and get engaged to each other is far more important than those who are willing to marry. 

19. Strike Up a Conversation with PWD : Without Feeling Awkward

Published in ParentEdge Magazine, click here to read.

Disability sensitization is a subject, close to my heart. Therefore, i am posting my article written in Feb for ParentEdge Magazine. Hope you will share it to increase awareness. Thanks. 

More often than not, parents get uncomfortable with queries raised by their kids after seeing children with special needs (CWSN) or persons with disabilities (PWD). To chide away such questions and settle for instructions like "don't look there" or "come here" are some of the common responses parents choose instead of making an attempt to educate them with facts and right information, may be little later. 


17. Questions You Should Never Ask a New Mom !

Read sequel post, Patience is the fees

If the mother was working before and now she is housed with an infant for on job training, the itch of motherhood just gets a little more pungent ! The least one can do is to not ask following questions to a doting mother who keeps trying day in and day out only to be pointed out by third party. 


16. Patience is the Fees - School is Motherhood

Read sequel post # 1, When the student in school of motherhood got one tight slap for defaulting fees ?

Dear Child, 

I am God.  You like it or not, believe it or not, but you are here to stay, to learn and mark this as the most important turning point of your life. 
Please note, despite your socio-economic profile, PATIENCE IS THE ONLY CURRENCY, accepted as fees in the school of Motherhood. It's my subtle measure of attain equity in this mad-mad world. 

15. Only Pictures For You

Some time all you need is a flashback of good times and one liners. 


14. No Post has a Nadella Connection

I am running behind the schedule a little bit and this goes for my expiry of Microsoft 365 trial version. Yes, i was participating in the challenge with a trial version of MS office. So what ? I have always used original version through my very considerate employers for 10 years. It was first time, I thought, why waste Rs. 5,000 and let me get a pirated version for Rs 200.

किसी से कहना मत / Kisi Se Kehna Mat (NaMo)

अरविंद जी आपने तो कर दिया प्रूफ़ 
आप हैं सबसे बड़े पॉलिटिकल स्पूफ 

आप मेरी माने तो,


13. Make-Up of Motherhood

Read sequel post, Gender Roles in Parenting.

But these petty fights can vanish with keeping a fulltime housemaid, can’t you afford it Deaf Mamma? That’s what everybody suggested me, and most of the people do. Even, i did it with a freelancing assignment on social audit. But, here is the part which hurts me the most. 


12. Loathing Gender Roles in Parenting and its Aftermath

Read sequel post,Who you are today - mother / wife or father / husband ?

We belong to an upper middle class family. Wherein, a girl will be taught basic household chores but not as her only forte, just one of it. She will be living on anything but optimism, because that is what has enthused in her from childhood. To rise, freely tramp and laugh like no one is watching.


11. Know Who Are You Today - Wife / Mother ?

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We as new parent passed the most stressing time with flying colors while i trained the nonchalant better half to no avail. I am trying though. Now, let’s take a dive into why makes these fights were so irresistible then?

I hope, I can use the past tense now. You can see, there are three person in real world, you, him and baby, right?

10. Just Pick a Fight & Call it Parenting !

Read sequel post, Deaf Mamma is Fat, Imperfect or Real Foodie - All of Them?

You and your spouse have all these wonderful memories in the past which often brings a smile on your face. Now remember one of those memory and smile. Hold it right there, click a selfie and upload on your fav. social profile. Because hereafter, you two are not going to meet unless, god knows what.


9. I am Fat, Imperfect and Real Foodie

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Today I went to the mall and I felt fat. Fat as in fat. Just fat. FAT. Say that loud with me to scare it away Ffffffaaaaaaatttttt.......

If you agree that you won’t tell this to anybody, I am willing to share, how much weight I accumulated in those 9 months of my life. 

How does it matter, at the end of the day? 


8. Humour is The Medicine for First Time Mother

Read sequel post, Bean Bag Parenting and Ranting- Part 1 / Gynaecologist or Posh Clinic?

I had a long very long grievances list to share with Fairy God Mother, who left me just like that in delivery room. But before i could do that, she handed me another letter from God.


7. Gynaecologist is the Key - Not the Posh Clinic !

Read sequel post, Who accompanied Deaf Mamma to the Clinic?

When our parents were going mad at the flight bookings to reach before the golden moment, i was starving. Our Gynec said eat light and drink lot of fluids, lime juice et al, before i gate crashed the clinic with 3 men drawing unwarranted stares and raised eyebrows or was it sympathy ?


6. Folly Good Fellows Outside Labour Room

Read sequel post, Deaf Mamma on epidural ? 

Outside labour room in the maternity clinic, two bachelor men were trying hard to be normal. My brother and his brother (my brother-in-law). Actually, in need of anesthesia. 


5. Epidural in Labour - Yes or No ?

Read sequel post, when Deaf Mamma entered the delivery room first time. 

Why did i opt out of an epidural injection. Why why why ?

Look darling, you are no Aishwarya Rai (Miss World), that your bravery saga will hog the prime time news on national TV. How she did opt out of epidural and went through the labour at a sweet age of 38 to produce a baby - born with a silver spoon. 


4. Delivery Dilemma - Normal or C-Section ?

They transferred me in the most awkward looking table asking to rest 5-5 kgs overweight thighs or may be more, posing as a mountain as far as possible ! Here, i am extrapolating weight from the scene of the movie Gadar. Since, Sunny praji's haath was dhai kilo few years back, this is for a first time mother in making, that too, from India.


3. Courage and Comic Sense to Survive Contractions at Week 40

Read sequel here when Deaf Mamma receives a letter from God. 

Totally flabbergasted, conjecturing - what the *uck, you mean duck!

Am I dead? Or Am I having a rendezvous with The God?

Being alive, how is it possible in today's materialistic world that super busy God giving you darshan without having to pay for an expensive art of living course from Sri Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar or Sadguru's spiritual trail through Himalayas ?


2. Baby By The Way - Blush Blush !

We are listed at no. 402 #AtoZChallenge

You get up, pinch yourself first, if it's a nightmare or a daily traffic dream encountering a Haryanvi cop.

It’s not, darling.

You whirl around in full circle, to look out for all the zing bang, who came to leave you at the school gate. You found none, but alone. At a safe distance, you identify your husband's shoes, taking hide behind the bush after seeing all the on spot unannounced drama. Half of his face cautiously peeping out of the bush, equally surprised with eyes wide open.