1. Admission Accepted in the School of Motherhood

A for Admission 
Imagine a situation.

You, your husband and two set of parents are standing in front of the school looking at the big glossy board, tilting head upwards and keeping fingers crossed; all are dying you to get admitted in this international school. After series of national degrees, this one is truly global and you will find its alumni network is omnipresent and strong.


How to Treat Children With Special Needs (CWSN) - Learning from Maysoon Zayid

Maysoon Zayid - Laughter Therapist.
              "If there is an Oppression Olympics - I would be a gold medalist. I am Palestinian, I am a Muslim, I am a female, I am a virgin, I live in New Jersey with Palsy." - Maysoon Zayid, First Arab American Stand-up Comedian

Published in ParentEdge Magazine, click here to read

This post is dedicated to the most lively, positive and empowering talk on disability and everything that is right about it. An ability, an opportunity to rise above the average. Presenting some excerpts on disability and parenting from her talk at India Today Conclave, 2014.

Survival of the wittiest, yes, that's what Maysoon Zayid stood out for loud and clear with a subtle yet sensitive message on racism, disability and Islamophobia unequivocally.She is the most inspiring and humorously righteous stand up comedian who pulls out laughing fodder from her own life, with lessons for parents and society on how to treat a children with special needs (CWSN). 


Bathroom Reading Benefits

Saving things/ghee pot from unsolicited use can be tiresome. Though i have been successful in playing peek-ta-boo on a daily basis for a while now; its just that poor loo is facing the after math. Ms H's has refused to enter the fortress of peace and me-time zone of our house even on weekends. Though negotiations are on and it looks like matter will be sorted towards month end, 31st is a magic number. What needs to be noted here, that, our bravo comfort station parched for a drop of harpic is not complaining at all, standing all alone in the times of recession. 

May be not that alone, newspapers are there for little chit chat and our lil one's potty seat. Khoob jamega rang jab mil baithenge teen yaar. 

The wash basin counter is no longer in sight but our soggy RaGa, NaMo and AK45 on the newspaper. No one is clearing the read, old newspapers and its alright. Its a sign how seriously newspaper reading is taken in a house, after all reading is a good habit and needs a life time to inculcate.


आज बिरज में होरी है रसिया

लड्डू और रंगीली होरी कू जुङवे लगौ है रसिकन कौ मेला. आज बरसाने के मान मंदिर में लड्डू मार होरी होगी. लठमार (रंगीली) होरी ते एक दिना पहले होवे है लड्डू होरी. आज है काये होरी खेरने के काजे राधा रानी के गाम बरसाने ते सखी नंदगाव के रसियन्ने न्यौतने जावे. न्यौतो स्वीकार कर रसिया लाडलीजी के मंदिर आऐगो और फिर बिन्न के स्वागत में लड्डू बरसाऐंगीं बरसाने की हुरियारण.


Conclave from the Eyes and Ears of Table No. 23

When blogging was more than a hobby.

I was truly excited about attending the conclave. Primarily being a winning entry, followed by the speakers and the air around such events. Many of my family and friends congratulated me to keep up with brimming exhilaration levels. But actually speaking, equal number of them were confused as to how come a stay-at-home mom who writes blog as a hobby ended up there.

First, let me attempt to sweep off their question marks.


उम्मीद का एक टुकड़ा / Umeed Ka Ek Tukda

Image Courtesy : Happy World
आज उम्मीद का एक टुकड़ा खा के देखिये तो सही,
आशा को निराशा से जीता के देखिये तो सही


If Only I was #BackFromTheDead

First of all, i wouldn't like to come back after i died. Secondly, if at all i have to for IndiSpire edition two, i will come but may be lets say after few years. May be a decade.

Here is an account of what i saw in 2024. 

One fine day, we the hell dwellers were given free passes to listen to Jagjeet Singh's ghazals in heaven on the eve of new year. There God, who was an avid fan of Jaggi ji got bugged with a ghost who was consistently peeping down from heaven, using unsolicited use of wifi GPS services available during the concert. God wasted no time and took that ghost on remand and interrogated "What's bothering you so much in between "yeh daulat bhi le lo, yeh shaurat bhi le lo" ghazal. The hell's super excited ex-blogger ghost said, Sire, when i died the crowd was so much that they pushed me in hell without listening to my last wish.