Bean Bag Parenting & Ranting - Part 1

I am done with these oldies. You guys indulge.
We usually spend quality time on weekends, late nights when our bundle is tucked warmly in the quilt. He with his drink, i with mine discuss the weekly happenings and how we survived or manipulated or laughed or made fool of our selves. Off late, these discussions have become the only me time we get to spend with each other and share our sob stories about how much we crave for our previous lifestyle. 

The talks start with us claded in our respective tees & checkered boxer shorts (should be declared as national hassle free best dress) thrown deliberately on bean bag, HP and Toshiba romancing with each other lying carelessly over deewan and newspaper /magazines all over the living room...

"You remember we went to Church gate that night. ..... Pause....Hunhh?"


First Love to Break-Up #Condition_Serious_Hai

First love, first date and first kiss are moments made to get etched in your memory forever, only to be cherished later. They are the moments who teach you about relationships and their innocence. One such memory, relationship thread is stuck almost chocking me these days. Its a piece of bad cholesterol stuck somewhere near my vena cava. 

Today its cathartic release is necessary to clear shelves of my heart. I was writing on valentine's day post, my little one did something which make me go in my past. I hope Suri Saab won't mind because it was this very my old flame who got me introduced to him.

We got into a banal relationship more out of need than out of cupid's archery. In such affairs you know that the future is not long term or bright to say it right, but at that very moment you assure yourself, this is the best deal i can get in this small town and you shake hands. Mundane hi hellos turn into late night calls, exchanging smses, getting to know each other to bits and pieces. You start spending leisure time together, sometime casually, sometimes you plan and sometimes because you had no other plans. He also made himself available for you, cent percent. Eventually,  as the time flies, you discover the weak links in your spouse that switches you off and extract the hidden irritant in you. You both argue, hang up, mash up but recoil again to manage. You keep telling lies at home and keep on siphoning the hostel pocket money on him, mindlessly.



It's Between You, Me & Valentine : Are Love Celebrations Dead ?

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This vermilion case is called "Sindoora".  Supposed to be very sacred
for married women. 
Is Valentine day celebration dead for us ?

Or like other important days this poor man's day of love is also going to get shifted on weekend like birthdays and anniversary and wait for its turn for tom tomming.

Why was it alive in first place. Because you are so far from your valentine in a long distance relationship that you wanted to buy the world for him or her.

Or is it dead now as you are just averse to the whole concept of celebrating love only on this one single day. Personally, i have always supported the cause of Valentine Day celebration that too with much flair. I believe such days are important for those people who keep mum on yearly basis to tell you what you means to them. For heaven's sake why they don't mind to shed their all practical, reticent, mature image only to be labelled as ammateur, juvenile like their other half only for a day.


Confluence of Four Generations - India Today Conclave 2014

This is in continuation of my previous post about what winning means to me. At this juncture of my life, winning for me is to raise my daughter - our future generation. Hopefully, we will have a discussion or may be an argument years later when she is big enough to seek validation. 

Well, the researcher part of me was doing some desk review under the prescribed daily vellapanti dose and i was chumma jotting down the birth year chronology of speakers at the #conclave 14. No mouse died in the experiment, cared to notice that 19 speakers put together do represent four successive generations. Wow, its like you speaking at a forum with your father, grand father and great grand father respectively all under one roof sharing their stories of winning.  Anyhow, lets proceed to get a green signal for a trip to saddi dilli from Sinha ji ;p

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A school dropout from a state like Bihar and yet this crusader dared to create history with his company getting listed in LSE (2003), NSE (2007), only to emerge as a global mining giant. Don't scratch your head if you haven't guessed it by now. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of the UK-based Vedanta Resources PLC, Mr Anil Agarwal - born in Patna (1954). 

Another gem engraved in the crown of Bihar, also a friend of Sanvi's dada ji is going to share his moments of truth at the conclave - Patna University Alumni, Mr Ranjit Sinha (IPS batch '74) who was appointed as Director - CBI in 2012. His appointment drew a lot of flak from the opposition party.


Are Winners a Different Breed ?

The question asked by India Today #Conclave 14 Contest *  is what winning means to me ? 

At this juncture of my life, winning for me is to raise my daughter - our future generation with an ingrained belief that she is not a mimeSome of my reflections are penned down below.

The present holds the key to a brighter future .
Taken in Mathura, Feb 2013


Romancing with Coffee or Committing to Tea - Part 2

My debut in the culinary world was made in 90s on the sets of my mom's kitchen and director was my papa. Scene was making two cups of evening tea and I had genuinely earned Rs 5. Since then, my affair with tea is on and going strong. Lately, it has culminated into unconditional love. Yes, I am in love with tea, chai, chaah specially the morning ones.

They have lasted in all bad weather, happy, sad, good, everything, silent days.

Chai reminds me of my mom making tea every morning religiously and now I do it. Handing over a perfectly brewed chai to someone in the morning with adrak/elaichi is a part of sweet love delivered right from your heart. Simple. Its a jadu ki jhappi and peck on your forehead, a pat on your shoulder. It reconnects you with you, as you wake up every day in the morning. It gives you company in solitude with your books or magazine or soap opera or romcom flicks.It takes you down to the memory lane, sardi ki dhoop, shaam ka nashta. tête-à-têtes tales, guffaws made in shaneel ki razai when cousins used to come home for staying in winter breaks, when mom's complains used to get broadcasted on broad gauge to papa with every sip while you wondered if this cup of tea is going to take forever.

दादी बाबा तुम जल्दी आना / Dadi Baba Tum Jaldi Aana

आज से एक साल पहले
१६  फ़रवरी , २०१३ : मेरी और दादी बाबा की पहली रेल यात्रा,
राजधानी ट्रैन से दिल्ली। फिर वहाँ से मथुरा -पटना -दिल्ली-बैंगलोर हवाई । 
#Toddlers Tuesday

दादी तुम क्यूँ चली गई वापस अपने घर
मुझे यों अकेला छोड़ कर
सोना सोना करके गूंजता था इस घर का आँगन
अब सन्नाटे से फिर भर जायेगा ये अपार्टमेंट

अब कौन करेगा संग मेरे हंसी ठिठोली
कौन संवारेगा मेरे बाल और खेलेगा आँख मिचोली
कौन करेगा मेरे गुड्डे गुड़िया का ब्याह
अब किसकी ऐनक लेकर घुटने चल चली जाऊं मैं

कौन बैठेगा घंटो मुझे तकता हुआ
चाहें भोर हो या लगा हो रैन बसेरा
कौन बतायेगा दिनचर्या मेरी अब पापा को
फिर कौन कहेगा हो गई रात , अब रानी बेटी तू सो

दादी बाबा बस तुम्हारे ही बहाने ,


Ek Slice Bread : Won't Quit on You, Ever !

Snoozing your alarm beyond a point can make you miss the most important door bell of the morning. And it means your taaza morning is gone testing the efficacy of vim bar with no Ram Kapur and Priya  by your side, just mumbling and fuming. 

Thank god today was not such a morning. But something else was in store.

How can i spent hours in the rush hours of morning, on a paint website without the help of Ask Aparna to chose pastel hues is beyond logic, almost touching insanity to my Roarky. And when i was so engrossed in the do or die decision of my...no...our lives, the ever 'i am getting late-  i have a con call' daddy in the house pressed the quickr button on me for some bread toasts.