Romancing with Coffee or Committing to Tea - Part 1

Wish you all a very happy new year.

This and the next post is dedicated to the youth brigade of our household. As you read on, you will solve the puzzle.

My office 365 free version has expired. Now, every time i have to first switch on the internet for notepub and then capture random imaginations. By the time i have done this, they have left the runway of my mind. So, now your bugging blogger is staring at a blank screen. I have to recall the person living in the posh condo of my head with well manicured grey matter and blossoming neurons. Ting tong.
I don't know for others, but idiotically, whatever thoughts comes to my mind, comes at an absolutely aiwayiin place. Like I know some people who writes, they write in coffee shops or by the side of a scenic view or in solace. 

Me, aam adaami ki nishaani, get thoughts while surrounded with people like waiting line of a restaurant, multiplex, taking a ride in auto rickshaw struck in traffic, purchasing groceries thinking mehangai kitni badh gai hai or when the milkman/newspaper person rang the bell and when my nostrils welcome the whiff of adrak wali chai and not coffee.

Coffee is unnecessarily overstated and glamourized.

Although, I have contributed a lot to the sales target of café coffee day /costa coffee/barista lavazza/café mocha/indian coffee house across country, even overly prized ones at airport waiting lounges. But sipping java at home, reminds me of work and deadlines. Coffee brings a sense of warmth yet its formal like endless moan-day meetings, unending reports and being uptight at work. 

No matter how much you like tea somebody in the meeting would be a coffee lover and a die hard one. Even if you weren't having it, the aroma was there, the gurrrrr phhissshh sound of vending machine, queue would be. Your huggable coffee mug proudly sitting in the corner of your cubicle,  a sole witness of your hard work and punctuality, mutely sympathizing when you get a bambu with gentle reminders of 'to-do' list, but it will put up with you, in all and sundry.


At home, during childhood, when some VIP or selected guests used to come, coffee would be beaten to pulp before hand, until it turned beige from dark brown. And hot hot milk will be poured over followed by a shower of chocolate powder and served in the newest bone china, which our mom used to keep in a separate showcase away from unsolicited daily use.

In wedding seasons, unlike todays lavish ones, the only choice of beverage was piping hot coffee for the baaratis as well as gharatis. The two counters which will witness highest number of foot falls were, coffee and ice-cream. Having a running nose after attending a wedding was seen as a souvenir with a signature blotch of coffee on your frock.

Down south, Kafi/Kofi is indeed the chosen poison.

The first time I came to Bangalore was a decade back, on a  family vacation, Bangalore-Ooty-Chennai-Andamans-Kolkatta and back Home (plz read it in Guthhi style), I was introduced to the the filter coffee craze down south. Here, opting for a Chaah instead of Kofi is like choosing an inferior beverage. However, it tasted really good in comparison to the available chaah option. The grocery shop of our housing complex has reserved full two rows for coffee, 80% grabbed by Cothas Coffee.

During college days, coffee reminds us of our liberty to hang out with friends for hours doing nothing, leg pulling, gossiping, bird watching and bumping into couples. Trend follows at dating and work.

Coffee and going on a date is a travel on a confirmed ticket. Have you ever heard a boy asking out a girl saying, "Would you like to have a Chai with me" ? That would be a sure shot RAC ticket heading towards cancellation without refund. If at all, that has ever happened, the girl would have gone back and shared with her room mates in a satirical way ;o Ouch ! Of course she is not taking your calls now. 

This is partly because, the way media pundits advertise and place a product makes us, the consumer to conform its usage in similar fashion. All the advertisements of Nescafe or Bru Gold or any other coffee brand will feature a young couple (Deepika Padukone-Purab Kohli-Vir Das-Karan Johar, Shahid Kapoor -Priyanka Chopra, Imran Khan-Anushka Sharma) as casual friends. Coffee as a product is placed as a means to have a relaxing escape with peers at home or away, but not essentially with family. I can barely remember an advert of coffee in a family set up...nopes.

Observe sometime.

For obvious reasons, Coffee with Karan can grab a prime time slot on star world but not chai with Karan...is it ! Naah. The coffee shop business model is thriving on the aristocracy and romance of drinking coffee as extending an olive branch to someone, who you don't know as closely as you would ask them to come home for having a tea.

Such a coffee was shared by a couple 9 years ago where Mr said "you know, I am avid reader have read (named some authors), what about you" with his cold coffee. To which the Ms just feigned how familiar she was with those names and nodded her head in agreement and sipped away her regular cappuchino.

By god's grace, the taste of their coffee lasted long enough to get them hitched and led to a mutual discovery that avid reader conversation was meant for dating and making impression only. In reality, the Mr directly jumps to the sports section of TOI even if he has watched the match live on tv or in stadium or re-telecast and Ms feels incomplete without page 3 and Bollywood scoop, sales and discount.

Now years later both of them enjoy their tea and haven't visited a proper coffee shop unless travelling.

to be continued...
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  1. Rashmi SrivastavaMay 11, 2014

    Mr and Ms of this post are...I know them

  2. Deepti PandeMay 11, 2014

    Arey tapri pe chai (nanu bhai ki chai) and a thing called "collagen" was a very popular date in college.

  3. Neha Dixit MundraMay 11, 2014

    Not sure "CHAI WITH CHARAN" would have garnered the same TRP rating. But totally agree that coffee and may I add speaking in English is totally glamorized in our desh. Now let me go n brew my self a ginger root infused chai latte.

    1. Neha Cheers to ginger infused chai latte. Boycott coffee. Jai Hind.

  4. Alivia BiswasMay 11, 2014

    Hahaha... well written... but you should spend some more time in kolkata wherein 'Cha' is the culture... during my college days the only chain where we would save up our pocket money and fashionably haunt once in month was Barista... and that also survived after several PE firms changed hands... Costa opened one outlet and was out of business within a year.... the couples on date actually goes out for a cha in 'matir bhar'...earthenware vessel...by the roadside... and its perfectly 'in' and 'intellectual' to ask the girl for a 'ek cup cha'. The girl will get floored by the appeal of the 'rugged' guy in touch with 'roots' having a cig ova a bhar of cha standing next to the tea stall is heavenly....

    1. Alivia dear we are so far n yet so much in sync. Therefore this post is to be cont...

  5. Gagan ChooramaniMay 11, 2014

    Diii Tussi toh chaaa gaye......

  6. Shrinivas SawantMay 11, 2014

    Like national Bird or Animal, there should be a national smell assigned to each country... here in N.A Coffee smell will follow you wherever you travel

  7. ha ha ha...what a post..two best pieces of this post: 1- Coffee is unnecessarily overstated and glamourized; and 2-Coffee and going on a date is a travel on a confirmed ticket. Have you ever heard a boy asking out a girl saying, "Would you like to have a Chai with me" ? That would be a sure shot RAC ticket heading towards cancellation without refund. You read my own experience of coffee..till date even if I have to catch a 5 am flight and get up @ 3am, first thing I do is to make a kadak, full cream doodh & adrak waali chai.

    1. Same to you. Nothing can beat a kadak chai ka pyaala jo ho poore paanch minute ubaala. Kya bekar tukbandi ki hai !