Maiya Mori Main Nahi Makhan Khayo/ मैया मोरी मैं नहिं माखन खायो

Liquid Gold for Health
This morning i have an agenda to interrogate the other lady in the house, our house maid, Ms H. I consciously wish to conduct aap ki adalat on weekends rather than a weekday as the hearings of our conversation can make the breakfast go late and everything lags behind thereon.

She is one happy go lucky person with the quality to deny and decline requests made for dusting or cleaning the glass windows on the spot. Without batting an eyelid such public pleas head for doomsday. And we have learnt to respect our mutual dislike for each other on such occasions only on one condition that the kitchen - the heart of the house should be spic and span as shown in the modular kitchen pamphlets. 


However, as in lately, i have noticed to my disdain that, by keeping everything spic and span she has taken it literally and also included the ghee pot in the list. Yes, the overflowing ghee pot is very close to a house wives heart, more so, if your roots goes back to braj/brij/ब्रज nothing like it.

Although, I can turn a blind eye towards this, thinking as one of the bal Krishna leelas and playing the bhajan in my head "Maiya mori, sun maiya mori, main nahi makhan khayo...Main balak bhaiyon ko choto...choto, yeh jhinka kis vidh paayo" , but I won't. Bhaiya re  !  i have some responsibility towards carrying the crown of house wife or not !

Being a brajwasi (people belonging to Mathura - vrindavan belt) my profound love for anything made out of milk - malai, rabri, ghee, makkhan, koya, paneer, chach, lassi, kheer, peda, chena etyadi cannot be ignored.

Oblivious of my obsession with shudh malaidaar dhoodh and its extended cousins and family, Ms H was on a pilferage drive and the luxury she licked away was my crème daanedar desi ghee. Given her dedication for cleaning, i was surprised how on earth my ghee pot is receiving chama cham bath twice in a week without a reminder. Only a wife would relate to this, that, we don't take the pot of goodness to sink everyday or weekly. We always like it to be seen filled with ghio and love refilling every now and then. And my braj connection, having seen the bal Krishna paintings with dollops of makkhan overflowing the handi, the empty ghee pot was a red alert.

Now, how to question?

How do I tell her that you should never touch a ghee pot, and dry fruits (left lying on the slab by mistake) and anything in between and outside the sink, unless you have earned that by your honesty. For long enough, i had ignored and pretended it to be a part of CSR (citizen social responsibility). After all, i was the one who is sharing the surplus food with her and the phulkas had no ghee on them. So, in one way, she is just taking care of her health and taste if one or two teaspoon ghee is all what she needs. And there is nothing wrong in it, if you calculate their daily wages its comes a mere Rs 40 - 50 with no holiday on sunday. 

May be just when you have guests at home she decides to take stock of her accumulated monthly leaves, bad timing. 

But this was not an ordinary ghee. It was special, in fact it was a gift to a beloved daughter from her father - a 15 litres tin of pure gold ghee . Hahha, seriously it was and so it was my duty to solve this murder mystery.

Now take out your calculators to know how many travel miles this liquid gold has earned. The gulp of health which Ms H was savouring without realizing the journey started from Nestle Moga-Punjab factory via road to Mathura via train to Patna and via air to Bangalore, finally.

A bit of general knowledge. 

Airlines don't allow you to travel with anything liquid as teen ka peepa even in luggage and ghee is considered as inflammable, no way in hell the glorious ghee could have splashed out of hamaar patna when we were happily ready to fly off to our abode . Me taking pride in knowing the rules and flying enough with boriya bistara was shattered. How did the tuppa/tup/ghiyu finally reached to Bangalore deserves another post. 

But the point is, lickonomics of this ghee is not accepted because of the above history attached to it. I know i wont be able to question Ms H, but opt for a non-violent actions like hiding the ghee pot in some drawer or refrigerator ;p Gandhi ji's principle apply so much more in household and with my sabzi wale bhaiya and auto wale than any other place.

With all my music in head, this song is dedicated to Ms H with all my  tacit love for ghee pot and its content:

Ishaaro ishaaro mein dil(ghee) lene waale, bataa ye hunar tune sikhaa kahaa se...
Nigaaho nigaaho mein jaadoo chalaanaa, meree jaan sikhaa hain tum ne jahaa se....

With this musical note let me leave my ghee pot in solace  and me heading to spend siesta time with Khalu Jaan and Babban and Para Begum...dedh ishquiya here I am coming.

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  1. AnonymousMay 01, 2014

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    1. Thanks. But there is no video posted here !

  2. The lines which I liked is the CSR where the surplus food with roti without the ghee is meted over to the maid and obviously she has to take care of her health with a dose of 1 or 2 tbsp of ghee. The other line with which everybody would identify is the availing of the accumulated earned leaves when guests turn up in the house.
    I wonder if an extrovert has to resort to measures like Gandhiji's non violence techniques instead of taking head on then one could really imagine the dahshat of a conversation with a maid. Haha

    1. See I share birthday with Gandhi Ji, just 24 hrs difference. So in a way we are bday buddies :)

  3. Taking stock of the accumulated monthly leaves when the guests come home.....everybody would identify with this. And I wonder if an extrovert has to resort to Gandhiji's non violence techniques then one can really imagine the extent of the dahshat of a conversation with a maid.

    1. Leaves or no leaves, we are puppets in their hands.

  4. I am sure I have commented twice...you can imagine how much I liked this post. So when u r in the process of approving the comments you are free to choose between the detailed one and the concise one deleting the other without caring for the non violence principle this time. :D

    1. If you really liked it, then please share with other women whose woes never ends - since there is no perfect made of a maid !

    2. Oho agar main ne share kar diya to koi nahin padne wala, meri reputation hi kuch aisi ban gayi hai :p
      Behraal facebook par 'like' ka button bahut kamaal ki cheez hai jis se aajkal mujhe kuch koft si ho rahi hai kyunki bahut se janaab-e-aali padne ka kasht kare bina hi like ke button par kahar barpa dete hain.
      To kuch dino ke liye no more sharing business.