Hail Housemaids With HR Practices

Whatever the truth is, the clear global winner is House Maids in #Khobargade case . Until few years back, I too was living in the myth that education, employment and freedom of choice are the harbinger of women's empowerment. I was so wrong, such dimwit. With humility, after marriage, i soon accepted the fact that your 'home sweet home' cant be left abandoned with you having a traveling job in custody of your loving husband.

As, by all means they showcase their hostel or bachelor days living skills each day without fail irrespective of when they had last attended the college. They are and will always be a fresher at home when it comes to house keeping. On return, I have had actually excavated fossils out of our refrigerator and seen cockroaches inviting me for having a la carte gourmet dinner.

So, ladies you may not like it , but the truth is, finding a right house maid is the first step towards women empowerment followed by her continuous skill up-gradation and retention.

You can actually practice some of the HR policy clauses like safeguarding office assets (esp. crockery), confidentiality(if she is working at common friends/colleagues place), no. of leaves and notice period. And if you are next in line for promotion at office, you can learn the rules of line management too, as she is the only one who is reporting to you or at times you report to her ;(in matrix org. its ok ).

For a perfectly serene peaceful environment at home, which is expected out of a Grihlaxmi, that you are, please learn to lower your pitch with just sprinkle of right frequency and melodious decibels while speaking to the House Maid.

You may have to refrain from expressing your real emotions at all the times. You can do that at home/office at all levels but not with this one special person. Because you don't want this only person to exercise her right to speech and throw googlies in the pitch of your home and let your beloved Kitchen feel the wrath of it.

With this self control, you can actually train her to love your hand-picked porcelain pottery to be feather touched with her velvet hands. Because away from home, you may tolerate the news of your husband/child getting fever but not your bone china saucer receive an untimely martyrdom.

This is such a personal subject to write about and my emotions are flowing effortlessly but considering the improved IT literacy rates here, I am giving rest to my untold sob stories of House Maid. Hail Macambo, Hail Kanta Bai !

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  1. Anshu JainMay 11, 2014

    Culdn agree more ...kudos fr writing this emotional n touchy topic fr all mums with a flair ;p

  2. Anju AntonyMay 11, 2014

    melodious decibels it is !!

  3. Chetna SoodMay 11, 2014

    When are you moving towards journalism!!! They need you!!!!

  4. Nidhi MaheshwariMay 11, 2014

    Oorrrriii baba.. Shweta !! Sedha dil se. Same story all around!

  5. Alivia BiswasMay 11, 2014

    Cannot agree more. Apart from Kitchen and Housekeeping... having a kid and someone taking care of her on days when you are out station or drenched or just need some 'me' time is a valuable asset. Though permanent retention is in theories, getting replacements is the reality and without them... just cannot imagine the life I have Just remembered the scene from Sex and City 2, wherein the confession of the fear for loosing the nanny rather husband having an affair with the nanny predominates....

    1. I exactly remember that scene from SATC-2 Abu Dhabi hotel setting...When Charlotte confess to Miranada : I can't lose the Nanny...Cheers ! ;p

  6. Priya Williams PoddarMay 11, 2014

    Shweta that albiet is my fav scene from a movie at any given point of time!! truth has never been presented better!!

  7. Bala SubramanianMay 11, 2014

    Shweta well said! We also need to give them adequate compensation. If we give them remuneration which is equal to ours in the office we will be forced to sit at home from economics point of view. This guess is what is happening in US. Now we all end up giving them lip sympathy.

  8. Sachu RamalingamMay 11, 2014

    You have just said the right things. I have practiced this for the last 8 1/2 years. But this time hr policies of retention will not work for me as my house maid is getting married in may. So my indepence is at stake from march. Ufffff...... God save the queen!

    1. Bala SubramanianMay 11, 2014

      ALL the very Best Sachu - Hope your independence is maintained with right selection

  9. Bala Probably India is the only country where labour is so cheap that you can hire a driver, house maid, cook and nanny, all at the same time. Sachu Sure, God plz save the queen ;p hahhaha