Why Delhi's Elite will Detest New CM?

Arvind Khejriwal, 45
Proud brand ambassador of middle classism.
The sudden uprising of a middle class person who was merely an audience, an agitator to the reigns of Diwan-e-Khaas of Delhi is like watching a live climax scene cut straight out of a blockbuster movie specially a Tamil one, known for elating masses - the common man, marred by day todays life struggle with the spirit of triumph. Congratulations for a slapstick reply to all the accented loud English journalists who ate our head away during ballot counting.

But before i come back to the title, here's a little bit of trivia attached to AK45.

You have not only touched Delhi's heart but across India people are going gaga. Like mango farmers, for you making AAM so literally Khaas and Khejri (tree) from arid Thar, as it may be a good opportunity for eateries to introduce Khejri-Sangri to the palate of Delhiites. Now, they can charge a bomb on Mangoes and  for serving mouth watering Sangri ka saag  (winter is the reason to savour it). Hope you will exhibit the properties of being a real Khejri-Wall like the tree which is known for its drought resistant properties and ability to survive arid conditions which the capital will definitely throw on you.


Christmas Delicacies for Chocoholics

If you identify with any of the following symptoms:

 1. Proud of your sweet tooth, chocolate is your main course and beverage
2. Consider yourself as Wikimapia and just dial of all the patisserie/cake/bake shops in your vicinity
3. Desserts comprises 90% of your platter
4. Chocolate avalanche/ DBC (death by chocolate) et al is your drug
5. Baking smell is your scent

Then, be civic and please stop salivating !

Welcome to the club of chocoholics and go to this absolutely maddening place to satiate your taste buds but the rule of thumb is : Fast for a day and then get ready for a feast, no really. My taste buds really thanked me for actually treating them with what all Nigella used to bake, for her Christmas special episodes. May be after Theobroma (Colaba), this is it.


Hail Housemaids With HR Practices

Whatever the truth is, the clear global winner is House Maids in #Khobargade case . Until few years back, I too was living in the myth that education, employment and freedom of choice are the harbinger of women's empowerment. I was so wrong, such dimwit. With humility, after marriage, i soon accepted the fact that your 'home sweet home' cant be left abandoned with you having a traveling job in custody of your loving husband.

As, by all means they showcase their hostel or bachelor days living skills each day without fail irrespective of when they had last attended the college. They are and will always be a fresher at home when it comes to house keeping. On return, I have had actually excavated fossils out of our refrigerator and seen cockroaches inviting me for having a la carte gourmet dinner.

So, ladies you may not like it , but the truth is, finding a right house maid is the first step towards women empowerment followed by her continuous skill up-gradation and retention.


Why Celebrate Disability : 3rd Dec 2013

Today, 3rd Dec. is International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the theme is "Break Barriers , Open Door: For an inclusive society for all".

 But if disability is not a welcomed thing, why celebrate this day.


In Search of Nightout Adda: Rasta Cafe

Dear Mumbai, I really miss you:( You have taught me the true meaning of weekends. Thanks for giving me the liberty to just vegetate all day in front of TV, order for home delivery food/grocery and again go for a catnap; wake up, watch a movie down the lane. By 10 pm you are all energized to catch a fast local to march in South Mumbai eateries/coffee shop/juhu... tara road/carter road/beach or just gazing old building and streets. Best thing is you can lounge around in anything or everything, your pajamas too, its like literally taking pajama party to the T. 

 Cut to Bangalore.


Reviving Memories of Durga Pujo


This year we are having a pondal in our complex as there are a lot of Bengalis. Which is sort of good in a way that, you get to see more smiling faces, beautiful red bindi/sarees (you feel short of your annual buffer), cotton printed kurtas , when dhak sounds more cool than Cobain & long queues for luchi alurdam, Kosha mangsho, Mishti Doi never ends. Ofcourse, chubby cheek kids (now i notice) and sudden burst of laughter here and there over a fag, past midnight.


Perfume Range for Kids...Really ?

On weekend, we visited this P for plush and E for expensive toy store, more out of my curiosity to explore what's there inside. On exit, I knew this deserves a rant.


Deaf Mamma Turns Geek

A just born infant is akin to a newly assembled computer worked upon diligently for 9 months. So, technically, the delivered product is good to see and touch, can be collectively called hardware. Software, on the other hand, refers to the instructions, or programs, that tell the hardware what to do. Oblivious of this fact, the delighted couple is nothing but happy looking at the brightness of LCD monitor (read fairness/weight of the baby) for several days, weeks and months until its in a hibernation mode (first 3-6 months).