LSD: Love for Sale aur Discounts

Before giving a lecture on moral policing as to why I left the theatre in interval while wathcing Love Sex aur Dhokha I should share the pain resulted from my Love for Sale to get what Discounts no boss...Dhoka !

If diamond's are our best friend, to be present in the vicinity of something screaming SALE SALE SALE is a women's birth right."Do we actually need this" option doesn't exist when you are intoxicated with the drug of  LSD. The drug is an instant booster and gives you a courage to enter an overcrowded store with long queue in front of trial rooms, disillusionment of losing weight within two months to get fit into the skirt/t-shirt, finally a sense of relaxation when your size and color is available...The effect diminishes after 30 minutes or so when a abstained mobile banking SMS comes on your screen telling the account balance ! (debit card holders regain senses relatively quicker than credit card users).