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Start of Spring - Basant Panchmi

Too tough to capture our spring season ! Today in a small pooja , Sanvi wrote her first alphabets on a copy in front of Maa Saraswat...


Trip to Casa de Fruta, Hollister

It wasn't a planned visit. We were new in the town, rather are new to Bay Area. And one fine day we thought we won't crawl upto google and find places to visit this weekend. Let's just take some high way up north or down south and go until we are hungry enough to take a break. So, that's how we ended up at this awesome fruitsome place.  By the time we reached Gilroy, we cheated a little and took help of our greatest ally on road - GPS to reach this place.

Well, as soon as you enter Pacheco Valley (full of farmers land and crops everywhere) big huge billboards of cherry, strawberry especially garlic will welcome you. It's sort of road side farmers market where you can buy the freshest fruits of the season at a dirt cheap rate (you will hate Safeway, Costco or  Bharat Bazar). 

We have been there a couple of times now, good to go on weekend, spend a picnic sort of day and come back with loads of old age charm food supply (what we called gajak in India is also available here in slightly different texture and oh yes they call it peanut brittle)

I guess its owned by an Italian family who migrated to US long back and created this
fruity empire in some 100 years. Why all good things in US has a Europe
connection? What a question as if US have any of its own people. All are or were
immigrants at some point of their life.
Last time we went there was around Halloween and Sanvi really enjoyed playing with pumpkins.